Blog Highlights of 2016!

Ah, a chance to look back over the past year here on the blog and share a few of my blogging highlights, most popular posts and the things that have made me happy.

Blog Highlights

Where to start? There have been so many great things about blogging this year that I know I’ll miss things out here, so do feel free to remind me.

Firstly, as always, it’s the people that blogging brings to you that make it the best. I have some lovely friends who are bloggers, I’ve met so many more great people through various blog events over the year from BlogCamp which I always enjoy to family events, and then there are the people who read this and chat to me on social media. Hello and thank you!

There have been trips and adventures that we’ve really enjoyed including visiting The Making Of Harry Potter Studio Tour, the Just So Festival, Madame Tussauds, Kidzania, Countryfile Live, Disney on Ice and oh so many more!

You know that I love my books and stationery and I’ve been very fortunate to receive plenty of both this year that I have shared with you both here and over on Instagram. The kids have reviewed lots of toys and products and we have had items for the home that have proved to be so useful and also so pretty in some cases.

My Word of the Week linky, here every Friday, has been a pleasure to run as I love reading about everyone’s weeks. Always lovely to see the same faces as it feels like a little WotW community, and it has been great to welcome new linkers over the year. This will continue through 2017 as I do enjoy looking back over my week and summing it up in this way.

Bring Back Paper always makes me happy! I love that it connects me with so many like-minded people who get just as excited over stationery and books as I do. This year some of my most popular posts have come from this series, I have started using my bullet journal which has opened up a whole new world and the book and stationery swaps have been fun to run and have had plenty of people joining in. It’s wonderful seeing the #BringBackPaper hash tag getting so much use over on Instagram and the 30 Days of Paper challenge was great. It’s lovely to be associated with this series as I have people dropping me emails about it, which always makes my day, and tweeting me for recommendations and suggestions around all things papery. Watch this space for so much more to come this year.

Then a lovely year was rounded off perfectly when at the end of the year I was featured in the Tots100 Top 10 UK Parenting Blogs of 2016 – just fabulous!

Top 5 Posts of 2016

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Blogging Makes Me Happy!

This is no secret. I love my space here, I enjoy thinking up new posts and ideas and am always keen to share them with you. I like trying new things and visiting places with my family, always thinking about how best to write them up so that you’ll feel you’re right there with us. I enjoy the social media side of blogging – I Pin like a madwoman, I still chat on Twitter (yes, I am one of those people over there still looking for conversation!) and I absolutely adore Instagram. Facebook – ahh, it’ll grow on me, maybe 2017 will be my year to love Facebook? Maybe! I have even been vlogging more regularly and am so pleased to see my YouTube subscribers and views rising and this is something I am keen to work on this coming year. I love chatting to readers, seeing your comments and writing for you, as well as keeping a record of our lives here.

And overall? I love the freedom it gives me to be home with my kids, to do the daily school runs and to spoil them with the treats we get through this blog. I wrote This is Why I Blog a few months ago which summed it all up for me.


At the start of each year I do like to look back and then think on where I’d like to be in a year’s time with this blog. Can I say ‘more of the same’? This year sees me continuing with my Open University degree as well as having my last few months at home with Little Man before he starts school. Once he’s at school in September, I’ll be going into my final year of my degree where I plan to study two modules meaning I’ll be studying full time. With all of this going on, it’s fair to say I’ll have no new or extra time to devote to the blog this year, but then the small matter of not enough hours in the day has never stopped me before! As is always the case I will look to grow, in page views, regular readers, social followings and my writing, so there’s plenty for me to do here.

Thank you, folks, for reading. I look forward to sharing so much more with you this year and as always, welcome your thoughts and comments. Happy New Year, all!

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4 thoughts on “Blog Highlights of 2016!”

  1. It looks like you’ve had a good year and I wish you all the best for 2017. I do love your blog simply because you write about the things you love. I try to join in every week with your Word of the Week and even though I don’t always write comments I’m always reading you. I’m a stationary lover too although it has taken a bit of a back seat of recent. I have bought a lovely bullet journal though and I’ve been going through your posts to see what to put in it and how to set it up, thank you for the inspiration. xx

    1. This is so lovely to hear, Anne, thank you. Oh, best of luck with your bullet journal, do feel free to ask anything as you get going. Have fun with it! x

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