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Today on The Blog Lowdown, I’m really pleased to be bringing you the lovely Claudine from In The Moment Mum…

Please Introduce yourself:
My name is Claudine Fernandez and I am a stay at home mum to a delightful, giggly and curious 17 month old. Before having my child, I worked as a senior account manager in the media. I am an author and blogging has given me an opportunity to fulfill my passion.

When did you start blogging?
I only started blogging a few weeks ago

Tell us a little about your blog
My blog is written to inspire other women to march to their own beat and to care for their baby in a way they instinctively know what is best for their child. I believe that you should parent the way you naturally know how to and not try and emulate others and implement strategies just because they are in vogue. Whether you are one to breast or bottle feed, follow military routines or go with the flow, or whether you co-sleep or choose your child to sleep independently and self soothe…just do it your way because ultimately if you are happy your child is going to be too.

Who designed your blog?
My ever dependable brother

Which of your posts have been the most popular? Are there certain types that get more interest?
The posts with tips on parenting and funny stories that have happened to me that people can relate to…namely nappy free accidents!

How do you promote your blog posts, and which methods do you find to be most successful?
I cross promote both in Twitter and Facebook. The funny thing is that my followers for Twitter have been a lot more than Facebook and this is despite the fact that I only started a Twitter account when I started blogging!

Which linkys do you most enjoy joining in with/reading?
I love Lisa and Stella and Wiggles and Wine

When are your busiest days on the blog, and why? (if you know why!)
I find Monday to Friday are the busiest as that is when I have more quiet time to sit down and write new posts and post on social media. The weekends are a frenzy of catching up with people and spending time with my husband. I like to sit down and write during the week when my baby naps.

Can you name 3 things that blogging has brought you?
It has allowed me to document the highlights in my child’s life
It has caused me to share my love of enjoying the small things to others and I know my tips have been well received by my followers
It has enabled me to express my creative streak that was previously lying dormant

My Top Tips for Bloggers:5 fresh tips from a new blogger
* Write about things that are close to your heart. A heart filled with passion creates interesting stories
* Keep writing even if you do not get feedback instantly – I only recently received very strong feedback that has inspired me to keep at it
* Share and inspire, what may seem trivial to you is probably worth gold to someone else
* Encourage others and band together with others so you form your own tribe.
* Use your own voice and do not feel forced to engage in vocabulary and waffle that doesn’t sound like you.

My Social Media Links:
You can find me on Twitter and Facebook

In the Moment Mum

Thanks very much, Claudine. You’ve already figured out so much, just a few weeks in!

If you’ve any questions or feedback for Claudine, feel free to comment on this post, and she’ll pop by and check in. Next week, we will be hearing from Tanya from Muma Leary, so be sure to pop by for that on Tuesday morning. You can catch up the previous posts from other bloggers here, too, if you’ve missed them.

If you’d like to feature on The Blog Lowdown, just email me at [email protected] to get involved.

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