Blog Progress Report: December 2020

Another month, another blog progress report. I am a little early with this one as I plan to take some time off over the holidays, so if I haven’t done it yet this month, it’s not getting done!

Let me kick off with a look back over the goals and plans I shared in my blog progress report at the end of last month.

Blog Progress Report

Working on my Bring Back Paper memberships

This was absolutely key this month as we are in our first month of these Bring Back Paper memberships.

This is an area that I am keen to grow and I am enjoying working on it. 

I have got the papery parcels out, designed new paper for everyone to download and I have got next month’s activity lined up too. 

In January’s activity we will be developing our journaling skills, learning how to make it a habit and working with a few different prompts. As I have a lovely fellow paper fan running this one for us, Katie at Find The Good Everyday, I am looking forward to learning alongside everyone else.

Product design work

I have got two new products into my Etsy store, JocelynLovesPaper, this month, both complete personal planners.

It was quite a learning curve to design these and plenty of tutorials were watched! I am really pleased with the end results, I hope you like them too.

I have more products planned for next month, so January will see more additions to the shop. 

Blog and YouTube Content

Of course I was creating new content for this month.

I was pleased to have got a few new videos filmed and live, including the one requested by my members in the Bring Back Paper Memberships area.

I’ve got a couple of blog posts up every week and I have started to plan in next month’s content. Lots to do, lots to share! 

blog and notebook

Completed my site audit and behind the scenes work

I finished up all of my behind the scenes work so it’s great to have that ticked off the list.

It’s involved moving hosts, adding new security, changing my address and canonical, a plugin audit, speed testing and clear ups. I’ve learned a lot along the way and I am happy that my site is in good shape now. 

SEO course

I have bought and made a start of the SEO course that I mentioned last month.

I am still working my way through it as there is a lot to cover and it includes brand new live workshops in January so this will be something I continue working on into next month. I’ll report back on it and share how I find it when I am done.

All other things have continued to tick over. Everything grows a little more each month, from social media reach to newsletter subscribers, so I will continue to provide fresh content and share relevant older content. 

notebook and pen

Plans for next month

I want to finish up the SEO course and feel like I am an expert at the end of it!

I then want to enjoy the Bring Back Paper Memberships activity with everyone and I want to keep on growing the memberships so I will continue to promote those. I need to plan in February’s activity and arrange that and the new writing paper for members. 

I need to plan and create new products for my Etsy shop and get those in there.

I’ll be running a Bring Back Paper activity, as always, so will need to arrange that for all sign ups. 

Content, content and more content! This one never stops and it’s always fun to do. I have ideas for blog and YouTube content so I have lots to keep me going. 

I will also spend some time reflecting back on this year and my plans and draw up some blog goals and plans for 2021.

Now, I know me and I know January. I am not a fan! So I am going to keep it at this list and not push my creativity too hard next month. I want to have enough planned to keep me busy and happy without pushing it and losing all impetus. I am hoping that I have got the right balance with these plans. I will report back! 

And that’s this report. Not quite as much happening this month as I am breaking up early, but I’m still pleased with how it’s all worked out. What do you think? Is there anything you’d like to see me adding to my 2021 plans? 


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