Blog Progress Report: February 2021

Welcome to this month’s blog progress report.

Looking back, this has not been a month of much progress, and instead of berating myself over that, I have accepted that this is how it needed to be this month. I am actually quite pleased with how much I have got done. 

Lockdown and homeschooling have caught up on me this month, and I prioritised the kids and keeping things ticking over here. I am fortunate to be able to do this, working for myself, though my bank statements won’t thank me for it! 

Work-wise, I have been prioritising those tasks that I don’t need to concentrate on too much and that keep things ticking along at the front end so you all continue to get content and activity from me. That’s been focused on work here on the blog, social media and my Bring Back Paper Memberships

I have kept those blog posts coming, sticking to my schedule of new posts on Mondays and Fridays. I have found that YouTube content has dropped again, as I always put blog content over YouTube content. You know that I remain keen to get my channel going, and I will, I will!

I ensured that I got a Bring Back Paper activity up and running, a postcard mailing, and that’s generated a lot of interest so has kept me very busy. As Bring Back Paper continues to grow, as do the amount of people signing up for the activities that we have. It’s great to see, I just need to make sure that I allow more and more time for it each month. 

The Bring Back Paper Facebook group is also getting busier, with over 1,100 members there now. As the only Admin I do like to keep my eye on activity over there, and it is such a wonderful community. I couldn’t have hoped for a better group and there’s such a lovely mix of chat and posts, from sharing mail art to book recommendations to shopping suggestions to papercrafts to swaps and pen pals. 

And of course we also had a book readalong and I have just lined up the book for next month, more on that one soon. 

pens notebook and laptop

I’ve designed the writing paper that my Bring Back Paper Members receive exclusively each month, and I have decided on next month’s activity. I’ll be recording the video for that one this week, looking forward to it. 

I have been pleased that I did also get 2 new products into my Etsy store this month, both new designs of the Pen Pal Fun Pack, Spring Flowers and Dachshunds. 

My newsletters are still going out every Friday lunchtime, and yes, I still love putting these together. When will I tire of them? I don’t know, I just can’t see it! I have had a lot of new sign ups recently, too, so it’s good to see my mailing list continuing to grow. 


Plans for next month

Well, this one could look quite different depending on whether the children are still at home with me all of next month or not. Time will tell!

I am keen to complete my SEO course. There have been several new videos added to the course with all of the latest tips and advice and I want to get stuck into that. This is something that I struggle to concentrate on with the kids around, so this will bump to the top of my list if they are back at school, and if not, it will probably have to wait a little bit longer. 

I would like to get a new product line into my Etsy store next month. I have lots of ideas, so I will see which one tempts me when I begin working on it. 

There will be a new Bring Back Paper activity here on the blog and a new readalong, so I will be promoting those and getting on with them.

Where the memberships are concerned, the happy mail parcels will need to be put together, and I have just ordered goodies for those. I am toying with doing something a little differently the following month for them, as a fun surprise, so I need to look into that to see if it’s feasible. 

As I mentioned, I also need to get the video ready for March’s members activity and then work on that one. 

YouTube content. Here we are again with this one. I need a good run at it, I think, to get it ticking along. I am considering booking 2 full days out of my diary in March and just filming and getting videos uploaded and scheduled in. I am wondering whether doing it this way will work better. Going for it while I am in the filming mood, all in one go. I’ll let you know if I try it that way and whether I think it works for me. I will report back! 

As always, I will continue to work on blog content, activities and sending weekly newsletters. These have been the mainstay of my work this month and these need to continue. 

March could be super productive if I get my computer back from the homeschooling kids and get more time, or it could be quite similar to February, we will see! 

What are your thoughts on my activities and plans? 

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