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Blog Progress Report July 2021

Welcome to this month’s blog progress report.

Here we are, at the end of another month. 

This month has been a bit of an odd one as the kids have broken up from school now, giving me a little less time to work, and we’ve also had a very busy Bring Back Paper activity that has taken hours upon hours to arrange. Let me dive into it all a bit more. 

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blog planning

The month has been dominated by Bring Back Paper as the activity has been a super popular one, and one that takes a lot of time and effort to coordinate. 

I ran a pen pal sign up, which closed last week, and it has been quite the undertaking!

Nearly 200 people signed up, which is more than we’ve ever had for any activity before, and a pen pal sign up takes a lot of time to organise. 

It took me even longer than I anticipated to arrange all of the matches and get the emails out, and it has thrown other activities out so I haven’t achieved as much as I had hoped this month. But I’m not particularly disappointed as the thought of all of those happy people out there now sending snail mail reminds me that it was all completely worth it.  

Of course as always, I loved putting together the Patreon Bring Back Paper Memberships happy mail parcels and arranging their activity for July. There’s currently a vote running over there for August’s activity, and I am super excited about that one. 

Over on YouTube, I managed to get one video up this month. I did have another in mind to do, but that pen pal sign up scuppered those plans! 

The Bring Back Paper Facebook group has been busy and has grown considerably just over this past month. With over 1400 members now, it’s such a happy, chatty, papery place! 

This month we have also had the book readalong, and I loved the book we read. I flew through it, it had such great characters. If you read it too, I hope you enjoyed it?

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It’s been good to see my Etsy store keeping busy this month, as I have had little chance to create new products or promote any. I am sure the pen pal sign up supported some of this activity, and I am keen to design new products again soon. 

I have not had a chance to make more progress on my SEO course, and as the kids will be with me all of next month, I am mentally shelving that one until I go for it again in September. 

As always, my newsletters have been going out with Flodesk, my newsletter provider, and I always enjoy creating these. 

If you’re on the lookout for an email provider for your business they do offer free trials and if you use my affiliate link to sign up with, you will also get 50% off the monthly fee. Here’s the Flodesk link, do let me know if you give them a go, I’d love to hear your experiences with them. 


Plans for next month

Next month looks a little different to normal as I will have the children at home with me every day. I do still work through the holidays, but it tends to be less and a little more ad hoc, to fit around them. 

I would like to get something new ready for my Etsy store, so that will be on the list for August. 

As always, there will be a Bring Back Paper readalong, so I will be promoting that and reading along. I have my copy of the book all ready to go, and I am looking forward to it. 

I am looking forward to preparing my Patreon members happy mail, as always! And as mentioned, the vote for next month’s activity looks interesting so I will be preparing and arranging that. 

I would like to get some fresh content on YouTube if the kids will be peaceful enough for 10 minutes for me to shoot something! 

Blog content will keep on going up, of course, and I am currently managing to maintain my schedule of twice a week. 

Overall, it will be a month of keeping the momentum going and fresh content and activities moving. The priority will be spending time with my kids, so it will be about seeing how much work I can then get done around them. I will use any spare time very wisely! 

What are your thoughts on my activities and plans? 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

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