Blog Progress Report July 2022

Welcome to this month’s blog progress report.

As I write this, I am all too aware that the kids will be breaking up for the summer break in a matter of hours. Which tells you that this month has been a month of keeping on top of July activities as well as trying to get ahead on August. And I think I’m sort of nearly there. Pop back next month and I’ll let you know! 

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At the beginning of the month, I got my Patreon members’ post and parcels out to them.

I have two tiers that I prepare each month, people who receive a stationery parcel from me and then those who receive happy mail from me.

I enjoyed putting everything together and getting them all out, and then designing writing paper for them and setting up the poll for next month’s activity. 

This month’s swap over there is a ‘make your mail pretty’ swap and that has all been arranged now. I love to think of those swap parcels on their way!

In addition to my Patreon work, I have been arranging the free Bring Back Paper activity this month, a book swap. This is probably my favourite swap as I love to read and receive and recommend books myself. It’s been great to see lots of people joining in with this one.  

I am still getting a new video live every Wednesday for my YouTube channel. Every single Wednesday, the habit has formed and it is sticking! 

Blog posts have been written and my newsletters have continued to go out with Flodesk, my newsletter provider. They go out every Friday lunchtime (UK time) and share the latest posts, videos, details of all activities running and there’s usually some extra inspiration in there too. If you want to ensure you don’t miss any new content, old favourites and the latest activities and products, do ensure you’re signed up to that.


The Bring Back Paper Facebook group has continued to grow, and I love dropping by over there. Members pop up from lots of different places, finding us on Pinterest, YouTube, blog searches, Facebook suggestions, recommendations and more. It’s definitely a global group, with the majority of our members from the US.  

In addition to all of the above, this has been the first month of also developing and running another business! 

Last month my brother, Marc, and I started a new venture together. We launched a book and drink gift/subscription/treat service and we have both been working hard on it.

We’ve been developing it, promoting it, getting our supplies together and then finally sending out our first orders.

Some of them have now arrived with their recipients here in the UK, with the US orders on their way. It’s been very exciting for us!

If you’ve not see what we’ve been up to, do check us out at

Plans for next month

I want to take some time off with the kids, and we are going away a couple of times too. Time with the children is my priority next month, work will fit in around it.

I can usually still get some work done whilst the kids are at home, as we do like to have some days at home when I can get bits and bobs done and I tend to work in the morning when I would usually be rushing round and then doing the school run. But of course, I will do less than I usually do and I have to just plan for the month differently. 

I want to get two posts out a week, as always, and I have already written a handful of these. And then I hope to keep up with YouTube and my newsletters too, but I will take those as they come and see how it goes.

Patreon parcels and happy mail will go out so I will be working on those, though they may be a little later than usual next month as we are away for the first few days of the month. Don’t worry, they will definitely be sent! 

I will then also be working on the Books and Brew Club social media and getting books ready to match up to recipients and package them all up. I am hoping to do this mid month and have time planned out for this. 

What are your thoughts on my activities and plans? 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

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