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Blog Progress Report May 2022

Welcome to this month’s blog progress report.

Another month has rolled round and here we are in yet another school holiday! The kids broke up on Friday so I did just about squeeze in a full month of work before that, and I have kept myself busy.

This month I would say I focused more on content and Patreon than anything else, which has made it a very creative and fun month. 

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blog laptop and pens

At the beginning of the month, I got my Patreon members’ post and parcels out to them.

I shared a glimpse at some of the happy mail going out over on my YouTube channel this month and it was fun to film those as I put them together.

Along with the happy mail, I bundled up the stationery parcels, and I always love to choose items for these and put these together. 

Preparing, creating and packaging all of these things, and then getting them posted, can take the better part of the week so it’s quite a big task and takes up the bulk of my time early in the month.

This tends to run alongside arranging the free Bring Back Paper activity each month as I launch these on the first Wednesday of every month. 

The focus then shifted to content and I’ve been enjoying working on that recently. 

There were new blog posts twice a week and then new videos every Wednesday for my YouTube channel.

I split my posts so that Monday’s posts are on any topic I want to share about, and Wednesdays are related to Bring Back Paper. 

In addition to fresh content, newsletters have continued to go out with Flodesk, my newsletter provider. They go out every Friday lunchtime (UK time) and share the latest posts, videos, details of all activities running and there’s usually some extra inspiration in there too. If you want to ensure you don’t miss any new content, old favourites and the latest activities and products, do ensure you’re signed up to that. 


I did then launch a pen pal thread over on Instagram this month, something I’ve not tried before.

I had seen a few of these threads elsewhere on Instagram and thought it would be another way to help people to connect and get a pen pal or two.

I do run a pen pal sign up once or twice a year, but it is hugely time consuming, so I thought it would be good to find something else I could do more easily and therefore more regularly. 

Well, it’s gone well! People have joined in, connections appear to have been made, and it is now up to those individuals to run with it, and hopefully have fun with it!

It’s been a way to bring pen palling to more people and so Bring Back Paper continues to grow and the happy mail word continues to be spread!

The Bring Back Paper Facebook group has continued to grow, and new members are getting to know longer term members over there with papery chat. 

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Plans for next month

To be honest, more of the same.

I have loved how creative this month has felt and I have really enjoyed it. 

I also liked giving that new Instagram thread a try, so I will be looking into trying new little things like this as a way of supporting and growing the community. 

I now want to think about how I can do something a little bit different like this on other platforms so I can reach different people.

As always, I will be getting happy mail to my Patrons and arranging activities and paper for them, and then running the Bring Back Paper activity for the month.

What are your thoughts on my activities and plans? 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

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2 thoughts on “Blog Progress Report May 2022”

  1. Jocelyn,
    BBP has grown so much! I love all of the new activities and the choice of memberships! I’m just about to sign up for one. Thank you for your dedication to everyone at #bringbackpaper and for wanting to share all that papery goodness!

    1. It has, and I hadn’t really realised how much until you dropped by and pointed it out! It’s come on a lot, it’s great to be able to offer so many options for papery people now, and it’s great to have your support.

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