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Blog Progress Report November 2021

Welcome to this month’s blog progress report.

As we come to the end of November, I am feeling creative, motivated and optimistic. Not bad, eh?

It’s been another good month for all things Bring Back Paper and I feel like more and more people are finding and enjoying the community. 

I am in a good place, looking forward. I am focusing on any and all growth and progress, rather than beating myself up about how much more I could be achieving. I think this is healthy, and I am continuing to challenge myself. 

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blogging diary

Looking back on the plans I had for the month, I have stuck to most of them. 

The one area that I haven’t focussed on, yet I know I need to, is around the SEO. I need to develop this for my blog, YouTube and Etsy, and it will need to be high on my list of priorities for the first quarter of next year. 

I wanted to get a content plan drawn up for the remainder of the year, and I can tick this box. I know what I’ll be writing and recording until the end of the year now, and I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you. 

My YouTube channel has remained key, and I am delighted that I have been staying on track with that. Those of you who have followed my for a while know how keen I have been to get this going, and it’s finally happening!

I am uploading every Wednesday, and I have plans in place to continue to do so. I like to dip into my community area weekly too and I have started to dabble with YouTube shorts. YouTube is a whole new world that I need to get my head around, but so far so good. I am enjoying it. 

Bring Back Paper Memberships

The Patreon memberships remain a big part of my month, and I absolutely love working on these.

I tend to set aside much of my first week of the month to dedicate to Patreon, when I design paper, plan the monthly activity, schedule posts and prepare and send all of the happy mail. 

It’s a very creative week and my patrons are all just so lovely so I enjoy working on things for them. 

I have then been getting new products into JocelynLovesPaper over on Etsy and I ran a  flash sale last month to test how they work. I’m working on a new product at the moment, something we’ve not see before, and I have a new range in mind that I’d love to launch. I just need to set some time aside to figure out how to actually make it! 

laptop and blogging notebook

As always, growing Bring Back Paper has been important to me, and we do keep attracting new paper-loving folks through the blog, YouTube, social media and Patreon. 

It’s kept me busy arranging the stationery swap, the book readalong, writing blogs, recording videos and sharing papery things on my InstaStories, promoting the content and sending out my newsletters. 

The newsletters have been going out with Flodesk, my newsletter provider, and my subscriber numbers grow weekly. 

My newsletter goes out every Friday lunchtime (UK time) and I enjoy putting it together mid-week. 

The Bring Back Paper Facebook group seems to get busier every month. We have more and more members joining so there’s always plenty of papery chat over there and always someone on hand to help a fellow paper addict out. It’s great! 

Plans for next month

December is always a funny old month for work.

People are, understandably, busy elsewhere and my focus shifts a little closer to home and ensuring everything will go well for the kids. 

I’ll ensure fresh content goes out every week, have fun with my Instastories during the festive season, and of course I’ll be getting Patreon parcels out.

I will then take some time to reflect upon the goals I set a few month ago, and think about what I’d like to achieve in the new year. I will get working on my content plan for here and YouTube to ensure I have ideas to get stuck into in January, and products to develop. I’m not a fan of January, so I don’t want to falter! 

What are your thoughts on my activities and plans? 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

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