Blog Progress Report November 2022

Welcome to this month’s blog progress report.

We’re racing towards the end of November, and I am not too sure where the month has gone. 

I feel like I was only just writing this and yet here we are again! Let me share what I’ve been up to….

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As always, I started the month focusing on my Patreon memberships.

This is a great way to begin my month as I get to create happy mail and put together some pretty stationery parcels. 

I also tend to take this time while I am focusing on my Patreon to create all printables and polls for the following month.

It feels good to work on one area, whilst actually having lots of diversity within that one area. It suits me perfectly. 

After Patreon, I spent most of the month keeping up with my diary.

I wrote posts when I needed to, filmed videos weekly and shared to social media regularly.

The blog has had two fresh posts weekly and I have been on top of my YouTube schedule and getting a new video out each week, on Wednesdays. 

blog planning

As always, my newsletters went out with Flodesk, every week. They go out every Friday lunchtime (UK time) and share the latest posts, videos, details of all activities running and there’s usually some extra inspiration in there too. If you want to ensure you don’t miss any new content, old favourites and the latest activities and products, do ensure you’re signed up to that.


I was busy organising this month’s Bring Back Paper activity, the postcard mailing, and the Bring Back Paper Facebook group has continued to grow.

I feel like I kept on top of everything, but with less direction and planning that I like to have.

I like to stop and look ahead and work out what I’d like to do, share and say. Whereas this month, I feel like I’ve just kept up with everything with little time to sit back and plan.

I had some admin and behind the scenes areas that came up unexpectedly and needed my attention for several days. 

I was then dipping in and out of designing for my Etsy store, which was my intention for this month. But I hit a couple of walls which slowed me down and then put me off my stride. I need to get back into it!

Plans for next month

December’s always a funny month, as of course there’s a lot going on and I want to have time off with my family over the holidays.

Planning needs to be the priority, so today I will be taking time away from writing and creating to plan and prioritise.

The idea is that I work on Patreon for the first week of the month and then spend the second writing and filming and getting everything scheduled in.

I’d love to then get on with my Etsy store work, I am hoping there will be some time to do this. This is why planning is key, I need to be clever with my time in December!

What are your thoughts on my activities and plans? 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

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