Blog Progress Report October 2022

Welcome to this month’s blog progress report.

As October draws to a close, I want to fill you in on what I’ve been up to this month and what I have lined up for next month. 

I’ve been working a little differently this month and it’s been a good change…. 

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As always, I started the month focusing on my Patreon memberships.

I always kick the month off with this as I like to get everyone’s mailings out within the first week or so of the month.

In that same week, whilst focusing on Patreon, I usually work on the designs for members for the following month and get polls and posts scheduled in. 

We’ve had a few new members following on from the new benefits I added last month, so that’s been great to see and I thank you for your support.

After Patreon, my next priority is always ensuring I get fresh content on the blog every week, twice a week.

I write throughout the month, as and when the mood takes me. 

Sometimes I’ll write four or five blog posts within a week, other weeks I write none, but it always balances out so I go with the flow with this.

I’ve been writing blog posts for nearly a decade now, so I know that this works for me. I just write when I am in the mood to do so.

blog and notebook

I have been sticking to my YouTube schedule and getting a new video out each week, on Wednesdays. 

I usually film on Tuesdays or occasionally the Wednesday itself for these. I’ve enjoyed getting creative on the channel this month and I started a papery giveaway a couple of weeks ago which I love to do from time to time. 

As always, my newsletters are going out with Flodesk, every week. They go out every Friday lunchtime (UK time) and share the latest posts, videos, details of all activities running and there’s usually some extra inspiration in there too. If you want to ensure you don’t miss any new content, old favourites and the latest activities and products, do ensure you’re signed up to that.


The Bring Back Paper Facebook group has continued to grow, I don’t think a day goes by without new member requests. We have over 2000 members now, so there’s always lovely papery chat going on in there.

A lot of my other time has then been taken up by my Etsy store this month, and it’s been great to be working on it.

I have been working my way through a useful E-Printables course, and it has sparked so many new ideas and given me loads of tips that I am keen to put into practice.

I have started doing this and have made a few changes and also added new lines to the store.

More things are still to come and this will continue to be where I want to focus my efforts next month.

I’m really enjoying it and I hope you enjoy the new products that are out and coming your way soon!

In addition to this work, my brother and I are also continuing to work on our venture, so do check us out at Books and Brew Club

Plans for next month

My main focus will be my Etsy store. 

I have lots of ideas and great advice thanks to the E-Printables course that I want to work on. My mind is buzzing with things I’d like to do, I just need a few more hours in the day! 

The thing that I love about my Etsy store is that it may mean a very busy month or two developing new products, but as they are digital, once designed, photographed and added, I am all done. There is no maintenance if I then need to move onto focusing on another area for a few weeks or months. 

I will of course, also keep up with new content on the blog and YouTube channel, along with running a Bring Back Paper activity, getting newsletters out and working for my Patreons. 

Whilst I am not really thinking about Christmas (it still feels so far away!) I am mindful that I can get busy with non-work things in December, so in November I usually aim to get all December blog content written and scheduled to put me ahead a little. So I’ll be giving that a go too. 

November is going to be a busy one, I think! 

What are your thoughts on my activities and plans? 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

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