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Blog Progress Report: September 2020

Welcome to this month’s blog progress report.

As promised in my last blog update, this is to keep you in the loop with all that I have been up to this month and to check on any progress made.

It’s been another busy one and I am starting to feel my momentum slowing, I don’t want it to slow! That said, I also don’t want to hit a wall or burn out, so I do intend to build in more breaks this coming month. I need a few hours of rest here and there if I want to continue creating, and I do so want to continue creating. 

It’s been another busy month and so we will kick off with revisiting my goals and plans from my last update.


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Email development

My email list continues to grow and I have played around with different opt-in offers this month. It has grown by over 40% since I started using Flodesk last month, which has exceeded my expectations to be honest.

I am still enjoying putting my newsletters together as Flodesk is just so pretty! My wonderful subscribers are giving me positive feedback on them so they seem to be going down well and my open and click rates remain strong.

Analytics aside, though, I am just enjoying settling into a routine with email marketing. Putting my newsletter together is now one of my favourite tasks each week. I like to ‘chat’ with my subscribers in this way and I enjoy thinking up what to share with them and how best to serve them and make them smile.

If you’ve yet to join in, here you go!


Product launches

It was my intention to launch my first digital product and I have done that, hooray! I launched The Pen Pal Pack early in the month and it’s been going down very well.

I now have a few more digital products ready to go this week, so look out for those, I’m excited to share them with you. 

I have also added new physical products to my shop. I love designing these and I am now getting it built into my week to work on fresh ideas regularly. And yes, sales are up on last month, so that’s got to be a good thing! 

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I have been quite busy on the research side of things recently. 

I have joined in with a website 5 day challenge, completed a product development course and attended a webinar around content creation. I feel bloggy educated! 

In addition to these structured activities, I have been finding things out for myself around a few more ideas I have in the pipeline. I have then been continuing to delve into the delights of SEO and honing my Pinterest strategy. 

I have joined a couple of affiliate networks this month, but this remains something that I need to look into further as it’s not a priority at the moment. 

I have looked into products and brands that I feel would be a good fit for me to work with and share with you here and got in touch with a few of them. I’m excited to say that I have some great collaborations coming up in the near future, can’t wait to share them with you.

Content plans

My YouTube channel was high up on my priorities list for this month and it’s been fun getting that one going again. 

I have now uploaded a couple of new videos over there, my pen pal sessions set up and pens for happy mail, and I have had some great responses so far so I will be sure to keep that one going. I have a ideas for the next few weeks so there will be more on the way soon. 

Now let’s talk blog content, as this underlies all that I do. I love to share ideas, tips, suggestions and inspiration with you, it is what got me into this in the first place.

I have enjoyed putting it all together for you this month and I am finding that I have days where all I want to do is design, and then others where I just want to write and share, so I go with the mood I am in! It means some days I can write several blog posts and then get them scheduled in for you ahead of time, and then I might not feel like writing for several days. The system is working for me at the moment, so I will go with it. 

The other stuff

I am keeping up with refreshing posts, updating them and making some of them a little longer where appropriate. I have noticed my ad revenue RPM improve this month a little so this might be down to this, I like to think so. 

Our Bring Back Paper Facebook group has been growing very quickly this month and there is such a great community building up over there. I love popping in and catching up with the latest papery chat, and there is plenty of it!

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Next month’s plans

I am anticipating being kept very busy with the month’s Bring Back Paper activity as it is always the most popular one that I run and the most time consuming. But it really is a labour of love as I know that I am making a difference to people’s lives by doing it, so I am putting aside a fair few hours for that one.

I will launch new digital products into my shop this week as well as a new range of merchandise soon. I am then planning to shift my focus and create a few different things next month ready to share with you. I do hope you like them. 

I have an idea for something else that I would like to offer you all, but it’s going to take a bit more work so I plan to research that next month and hope to make some progress so that I have something to show you by the end of the month. Fingers crossed. 

I should be having a big overhaul behind the scenes next month as I have booked a blog audit in. I can see that keeping me super busy as I will need to work through all of the suggestions that come out of that. I’ll be honest, I much prefer to spend my time creating and connecting, but I know this is important to do so I will give it the attention that it deserves. 

And finally, content! Yes, I will be creating and writing new blog posts for you and new YouTube videos. I have plenty of ideas to keep me busy so I will get my head down and work on those. 

There you have it, this month’s blog progress report and update on all that I had planned to do. Looking back, I am pleased that I stayed on track with my plans, and I did build in a little review time mid-month to ensure that I was sticking to it all and not going off course. It helps to stop and think from time to time, doesn’t it? 

I do hope you’re enjoying all that I am creating and like to have this monthly behind the scenes update. Until next month then, best be off, I have lots to do! 

This post contains affiliate links

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5 thoughts on “Blog Progress Report: September 2020”

  1. You have been quite the busy bee accomplishing your goals for the blog this month! I have to say that everything has looked great. I really like the fancy newsletter layout and I cannot wait to see more of your digital products.
    What does RPM mean? I am excited to see what you are learning in these blog courses.

    1. I have indeed! Thank you, I do love putting those newsletters together each week and I am always excited to send them out. The digital products are in store today, woohoo! RPM means revenue per thousand impressions, I am learning so much! Thanks for your support.

  2. This is so interesting and I love hearing and anticipating all the things you have planned for us! We are the real benefit factors of your hard work!

  3. Love these updates Jocelyn! You’ve accomplished such a tremendous amount this past month on the back end stuff and it shows – everything looks amazing! Thank you for putting so much time and effort into all the wonderful content you produce. I enjoy being a part of your community.

    1. Thank you! It’s been a busy month, but I’ve loved it and so glad you think that it shows! Thanks for your support, it’s very much appreciated.

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