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Blog Progress Report September 2021

Welcome to this month’s blog progress report.

As we come to the end of September, I do feel that I finally have my work mojo back, hooray! 

I am finding my routine once more and I spent some time a couple of weeks ago defining some clear goals for the year ahead. That has really helped me to focus and it has given my motivation a good boost. 

I am back to wanting to spend all of my time creating content and products and developing new ideas for you, so do watch this space!

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blogging diary

If you read about my goals last week, then you won’t be surprised to find that much of my efforts this month have been around YouTube, first and foremost. And if you regularly read these reports, you’ll know that has been an area I have been wanting to develop for quite some time. 

Well, as I have set it as my number one area to work over the coming months, this has taken up quite a bit of my time recently.

I have spent time researching how YouTube searches work, checking out the videos that people seem to like, coming up with content ideas, asking you for your feedback and then actually filming videos. (There’s a super short survey included at the end of last week’s goals post for you to have your say, please do complete it if you’ve not already done so, thanks). 

I got a new video up last week, a huge stationery haul and a giveaway to help to kick-start me once more. Do check that one out, especially as you could win stationery! And I have already filmed a couple more. The plan is to upload every week on a Wednesday, so please do subscribe an check those out. 

Of course this month has been about continuing to grow and maintain Bring Back Paper through arranging the book swap, the book readalong, writing blogs, sharing papery things on my InstaStories, promoting the content and sending out my newsletters. 

The Bring Back Paper Facebook group has been busy and continues to grow. We’re at over 1.5K members there now and it’s definitely a happy place to be.

As always, I enjoyed packaging up the Patreon Bring Back Paper Memberships happy mail parcels and arranging this month’s activity over there. It’s a Welcome to Autumn swap this month and it looks like next month is going to be a spooky one! 

My second goal is to further grow and develop these memberships, so I have been coming up with ideas to do this. There has been a lot of brainstorming and research taking place behind the scenes for this one. This is a key area for me to work on next month. 

laptop and blogging notebook

It’s been good to see that my Etsy store has continued to get sales and attention, and this is another area that I want to work on this year. 

I have designed a new Pen Pal Fun Pack and added that to my store last week. I think it might be my favourite of the packs so far. 

I want to create more products, and I also need to improve how I promote and market the store. 

Of course, my newsletters have been going out with Flodesk, my newsletter provider, and I can’t imagine not doing this now, it’s ingrained in my week. 

The newsletter goes out every Friday lunchitme (UK time) and I tend to put it together mid-week. 

If you’re on the lookout for an email provider for your business they do offer free trials and if you use my affiliate link to sign up with, you will also get 50% off the monthly fee. Here’s the Flodesk link, do let me know if you give them a go, I’d love to hear your experiences with them. 


Plans for next month

I am happy that I am back in my routine now, so I am keen to keep that momentum going next month.

I can see me spending time creating more videos and coming up with more ideas for future content so that I always have something fresh to work on. I will also be promoting that stationery giveaway across all platforms to grow my subscribers over there. 

The Patreon memberships will be the next area to grow, so I will be getting my thinking cap on there. 

I then want to ensure I get new products into JocelynLovesPaper to keep that fun and fresh. 

As always, there will be a Bring Back Paper activity and a readalong, so I will be promoting both of those and hoping that plenty of people join in. 

Blog content will continue, and the plan is to stick to my schedule of new content every Monday and Wednesday as this seems to be working well. My newsletters will keep going out on Fridays. 

Looking ahead, I am excited about how I can see the month shaping up. The ideas are flowing and I am excited to share more with you. 

What are your thoughts on my activities and plans? 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

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