Boo and Little Man Create – February

firstpaintingrabbitOh they’ve been busy little artistic bees here this month! I shared earlier this month about Little Man’s very first painting session, and the gorgeous keepsake we put together with it. And I also posted Boo’s Draw With Me for this month, drawing her rabbit. So, in addition to these, this has been what they’ve been up to…

They had a crafting session, which was Little Man’s first…

boo and little man crafting

Which resulted in Boo making Valentine’s cards and a heart for Daddy. She also nagged to craft again the very next day, and when I got her all set up with everything again, I found out why – it was because she was desperate to make Little Man a Valentine’s card, too – so sweet!


She’s also been doing some ‘first thing in the morning, still in her PJs’, painting..

boo painting

Which resulted in..


She also sat and drew with Daddy, and copied his picture. I think it’s really good, albeit she was copying, and it was lovely to see them working together!

fairy drawings

And both children continue to grab any opportunity they can to crayon..


With Little Man creating beautiful scribbles!

Little Man scribbles

I’ve enjoyed watching them craft and create so much, and they both seem to be getting so much better all the time, and they clearly love it. Phew for inheriting Daddy’s genes in this department, rather than mine! Are your kids creative like this, too?

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34 thoughts on “Boo and Little Man Create – February”

  1. Oh, I feel rotten that we’ve just not been so creative recently. At least not the ‘freestyle’ creativity anyway. It’s all been about school related stuff and eldest has just discovered ‘How to train your dragon’ on the web so she has been amassing a huge collection of photo’s and images online.

  2. Very creative! And lovely that your little one is enjoying his first arty sessions. Mine also like doing crafty stuff before getting dressed and I figure it makes sense – why get clean clothes messy when you can craft in your pjs? #minicreations

  3. Some brilliant crafting there. I want to make more cards with Potato this year now that his crafting is a tiny little bit more controlled. We do a little bit of colouring, sticking or painting most days at the moment. I expect that will change when the weather improves but I’m glad he enjoys it is much

  4. We have a huge crafting table and a cupboard full of supplies for the kids as I love them being creative. As they’re not allowed to watch TV during school days I’m always finding them at it creating something. Like Boo I also often find one of them at the table early in the morning. #pocolo

    1. It is lovely to see them being creative. I’m certain our craft supplies will grow to huge amounts as soon as I trust Little Man to access them!

  5. Grace says – This is excellent. I really liked the princesses – they are so pretty and the Valentines card is so cute – I loved looking at this post.
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

  6. So lovely, the little busy bees with their crayons and paints! I haven’t really let the Girl loose on too many crafty things yet as she just eats EVERYTHING. The Boy does some nice craft when guided. When you give him free reign, though, he just paints/writes/draws/sticks numbers. Numbers numbers numbers. Little rainman. 🙂

    1. Boo will only use numbers if she’s actually doing some counting or such like. She’ll always choose to draw scenes and people – she loves her drawing! Yes, Little Man does like to eat everything – I remain vigilant!

  7. Clever Little Man and Boo’s cards are so cute. We’ve had a good week here too for arty stuff. Little Miss did a lovely hand-print painting that I’m going to buy a frame for tomorrow. And I’ve just finished writing a post about the toilet roll tube animals we made!

  8. Clever Little Man and Boo’s cards are so cute. We’ve had a good ‘arty’ week here too. Little Miss did a lovely hand-print painting, which I’m going to buy a frame for tomorrow. And I’ve just finished writing a new post about the toilet roll tube animals we made!

  9. Aw, lovely creations!I always feel like I don’t do enough arty stuff with my little girl but she’s not great for sitting still for long periods of time-maybe when she’s older she’ll enjoy it more.

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