Boo Captures The Colour

When I saw that Travel Supermarket were running a children’s photography competition, Kids Capture the Colour, in conjuction with Venture Photography, I knew that Boo would want to get involved. She may be only 3, but she enjoys anything creative and if there are gadgets involved, then that’s even better! On entering, we were lucky enough to receive a camera for her to get snapping with. Daddy showed her how to use it and taught her to always put the strap round her wrist, just in case of any dropping! She does do this every time, bless her! And then we chose an inspiring and beautiful venue for her first foray into photography, the David Austin Rose Garden. Here she is getting into it, and I do love to see that concentration on her face!


The challenge is for her to capture 5 different colours, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red and White. She’s taken a fair few photos by now, as you can imagine, but we’ve sat together and looked back through them, and these are the ones we’re going to submit to the competition:



These are my favourite flowers, so Boo will instantly recognise roses (and always takes a moment to smell them, too!). We liked how this is yellow, yet the buds look pinky-coloured – clever flower!



A firm favourite. So many different shades of green, and this will make me smile every time, because you’ve no idea how long she spent chasing this poor peacock around the gardens in her determination to get a good snap of him!



She took this photo last week when we were on an impromptu ‘nature stroll’ through our local park. It was a crisp, autumn day, the sun had started to shine, and we were looking up studying the leaves to try and decide what trees they belonged to. It was a happy, calm moment.



Little Man’s chair in his room. Where we sit and read books and have cuddles. I do like that she chose this picture, taken at an unusual angle and slightly out of focus (all artistically deliberate, I imagine) as it represents warm and cosy family time to me. I suspect that to her, it was more because she likes that stripy blanket!



You know when it takes you a moment to figure out what it is? And when it’s in your own home, that’s even more disconcerting! It’s a close-up of the radiator in our lounge. Please ignore the dust that you can see poking through – it’s a tricky area to clean!

And that’s Boo’s entry. Hope you enjoyed seeing her capturing colours 🙂

What about your little one? Do they like to get snap-happy?

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    1. Thank you. She is proud of that peacock shot! It’s been great to see her doing this, and I’m pleased Grace had fun, too. Thanks for hosting 🙂

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