Boo Draws Halloween

Regular readers will know that Boo likes her art. When I spotted last month’s Draw With Me linky, she was straight in to her felt tips preparing to draw the movies, and can you imagine her surprise and delight when she won?! She was so very pleased and proud of herself – it was really sweet to see. She won a brilliant Djeco craft kit, which we reviewed here.

This month this fabulous linky’s theme is ‘Halloween’. I wasn’t sure how much Boo actually knew about Halloween, so I asked her and she started telling me about pumpkins, witches on broomsticks, skeletons – she seemed to know it well enough! I asked her how she knew so much – ‘Doc McStuffins’ came her reply. Of course! Anyway, here is her Halloween picture, and I’ve labelled each wonder for you…


Like it?! The only problem is that she knows that it’s for this linky again, and is very proud of it, so is waiting for her next prize….;-)! Do get your little ones joining I in, too, over at the fabulous This Mummy Loves

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