Boo Draws ‘The Movies’

As regular readers will know, 3 year-old Boo really enjoys her drawing and colouring. It’s nice for me, too, as it actually keeps her quiet and still for a period of time each day – not easy to do! So when I read about This Mummy Loves’ new linky, Draw With Me, I just knew that it was one for us. Each month a different theme is chosen, and children then need to draw their interpretation of that. September’s theme is ‘movies, and again, as Boo does like her films, it was a great one to suggest she have a go at.

Here’s her masterpiece..



What, you need me to explain what it is?! Oh, OK then..

She’s drawn her two favourite Disney princesses, Aurora and Rapunzel, both are blonde, as you can see. And then, as she went to the cinema with her grandparents last week to see Smurfs 2, we also have Smurfette. My personal favourite feature is the addition of Pascal, Rapunzel’s chameleon…

We’ve had fun with this one, so as well as linking up this month’s post, we’ll be looking out for October’s theme 🙂

What would your children draw?


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9 thoughts on “Boo Draws ‘The Movies’”

    1. Enthusiasm is half the fun anyway! I think that wanting to do it is what makes the difference here, isn’t it? Boo loves to draw and will happily tootle off and draw when she has a few minutes to herself. I love seeing her imagination come out like that & I do love this Draw with Me linky 🙂

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