Boo Draws Toys

Yes, it’s that time of the month again where we share with you Boo’s entry into This Mummy Loves and Maisy’s Draw With Me Linky. The November prize looks particularly fabulous – a Gruffalo Paint and Play Set 🙂

The theme this month is Toys, so I had no idea what might pop into her head when presented with that idea. Apparently, it was a toadstool! I questioned her when she immediately said, ‘OK, I’ll draw a toadstool’, but she very wisely reminded me that she has a Happyland toadstool toy, and clearly, this was her first thought! Here it is…


Now, she drew this totally from memory, and within a few minutes, and I was really impressed! So that you can see what she would have been envisioning, here is the toadstool in question…

toadstool toy

Not bad for a 4 year-old! (she says, reflecting that she may have struggled to do much better…!)

So what will you be drawing for ‘Toys’?

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6 thoughts on “Boo Draws Toys”

    1. I had no idea what she’d go for, and this was pretty random as it’s not something she’s played with that much recently – I don’t pretend to understand the workings of her mind! Thanks for hosting – love this linky x

  1. We have that same toadstool. My daughter loves it although I have renamedit the angry house because the door falls off at the hinges and gets her SOOO frustrated (and me too when I am reattaching it for the millionth time). BTW what music/sounds does it make? I never put batteries in it to find out thinking what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her 😉

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