Boo Is 11

Today my girl turns 11 years old.

I know, I know, I say it every year, but how is this possible?

She was only just toddling around, it was only a few months ago that she started school, surely? And yet here she is, in her final year at primary school, and we’re about to make her secondary school application.

The years have flown and it seems that we now have an 11 year old Boo.

When I look at my daughter, really look at her and see her as she is today, I couldn’t be more proud of her.

She is growing up into a kind, empathetic, thoughtful, intelligent young woman.

She cares deeply about her family and friends, she is often wise beyond her years and she seems to see and understand everything around her. This girl never misses a thing!

Boo is lively, she is a ball full of energy, she is creative and imaginative, she is chatty and confident and she is the very best big sister you could ever imagine.

Yes, she can also drive me potty at times, as those tween years are definitely upon us and frustratingly she seems to have inherited my quick thinking and argumentative abilities! But I wouldn’t want her any other way, she is my gorgeous girl.

Boo at 11 continues to love music and can often be found with her headphones on, curled up with a book.

She enjoys reading, playing games, watching films, cycling and this year she’s got into video games. She now loves to play Sims, Minecraft and Animal Crossing, and though Little Man has long been a gamer, this is quite a new interest for her as she’s always been take it or leave it with games before.

If I was to ask her her absolute favourite thing in the world, well first she’d say she doesn’t have favourites as that’s not fair, and then she’d say Herbie. That dog is adored. 

At 11 years of age, Boo wants to be a teacher when she grows up. She quite fancies going to Reading university, because you know, it’s her name! 

Boo is thrilled that her birthday falls on a Saturday this year. No rushing around in the morning and a full day at home to enjoy every second of her birthday.

It will be a fairly lazy one, she can soak up every minute of it. We have Go Ape booked in this afternoon for her and Little Man and then we’ll be back home for a pizza takeaway, movie night and then she wants a sleepover with me. Oh, and she definitely wants cake!

Happy birthday, my Boo. 


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  1. Oh I love this! A sleepover with mom….surely there could be nothing better for you.

    And I never noticed your last name before!

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