Boo Rides a Bike!

A new milestone has been reached! Last weekend, Boo got her bike out for the first time this year. Both of the kids tend to spend more time on their scooters than their bikes, but with more time spent in the garden, the bikes are back out again. She asked us to take the stabilisers off it, as she’d noticed that one of her friends cycles to school without them. We happily obliged, wondering how long it would take her to master this new skill. Not long at all, it seems!

Within a few minutes, she was off, pedalling away.ย After she’dย had a go in the garden, she wanted more, so a few days later, we took the bikes to the park to give her more space..

bikes at the park

boo rides a bike

Here she is in action…

While we were there, the kids couldn’t resist getting the kite out, too..

kite flying

Oh, how they love chasing that kite!

Boo still finds her bike a bit tricky to get going on her own, and does better with a little push off from us, but she can do it. She’s been asking to go out in the garden on most dry days to practice, and I love seeing her perseverance and pleasure in seeing her newย skill developing as much as I enjoy seeing her master it.

It’s another milestone reached, another sign that my baby girl is growing up, and is not such a baby any more. She does make me proud.

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30 thoughts on “Boo Rides a Bike!”

  1. Ahh what a great childhood moment. Lovely to capture it this way. Think this might be on the horizon for us later this year. Definitely need a proper kite – one of those things that’s fun for kids and ‘big kids’ too! #countrykids

  2. Oh riding a bike without stabalisers is another big milestone – well done Boo! It’s great that she actively asked to take them off, and she’s looking pretty competent already. She’s clearly a determined little thing!
    And hasn’t the weather been just perfect for kite flying, we’re just loving it!
    Have a lovely weekend

    1. Oh yes, she’s like that! It’s been the perfect weather for kites, too, always fun to watch the Husband rushing about with it! x

  3. Well done Boo, now she’s got the basic idea, she’ll be flying soon I bet. And we have yet to fly a kite with the kids-how awful! I really need to get that organised-it sits in the car and never leaves the glove box. I’m thinking the Malvern Hills would make a good soot for our first fly ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  4. Awww well done Boo ๐Ÿ™‚ Our Little Bear has shown pretty much no interest in her bike at all (apart from one fairly short phase months ago)… I’m sure her time will come!

  5. Oh my she really is growing up and your little man too! I remember running behind mine hanging onto the back of the bike for hours before they got the hang of it, not a bit of it for Boo, well done her, she must have great natural balance. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids

    1. That’s exactly what I thought would happen, but it was literally a minute or two, no exaggeration, and she was off! Oh, they’re growing so quickly now! Thanks for hosting x

  6. Hi Jocelyn, what a lovely park you go to and perfect for letting children burn off some energy. It’s nice to see children out in the fresh air.

    I always felt happy/sad when one of my two reached a milestone. Happy and proud that they had achieved something, but sad as it was a sure sign they were growing up.

    It won’t be long before Little Man gets the hang of riding a bicycle too and you’ll be able to enjoy family bike rides together.

    1. Oh they often need to burn off energy! I know what you mean, and since she started school in September, she seems to be growing up so quickly. And Little Man’s never far behind his big sister! x

    1. She loves going out on her bike now and mastering her new skill. Kites are always fun, too ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Just love it when the warmer weather comes and they can get back outside playing. I find with the fresh air mine sleep better too. Your pair looked like they had great fun.

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