Book Readalong October 2020

Oh, how I love a book readalong! This is up there now as one of my favourite #BringBackPaper activities. It really helped me out last month as I was working a lot and barely making any time to read. Knowing that I was reading along with you all prompted me to actually go and pick up the book, and as always, I feel good when I read. 

The book readalong is an easy one to get involved with as it’s a bit like an online book club. I will always share the book here, usually a week or so before the month that we will be reading it in, to give you time to get your copy.  Then the #BringBackPaper online book club is open to everyone, so do feel free to come and readalong with us. 

There’s something quite special about all reading the same book together and then forming our own thoughts ready to share with one another. And for those people joining in with us and not chatting about the book within the group, I know that they are out there, reading the same words, and it’s a good feeling knowing that we are all reading together.

I have chosen a new book for October’s book readalong, it’s one that caught my eye recently as it is by a wonderful author, it’s been receiving rave reviews and the story itself involves books. It’s got to be a winner, hasn’t it?! 

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October Book Readalong

So onto October’s book to readalong with and it’s this, The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes…. 

A little about this month’s book readalong:


Alice Wright doesn’t love her new American husband.

Nor her domineering father-in-law or the judgemental townsfolk of Baileyville, Kentucky.

Stifled and misunderstood, she yearns for escape and finds it in defiant Margery O’Hare and the sisterhood bringing books to the isolated and vulnerable.

But when her father-in-law and the town turn against them, Alice fears the freedom, friendship and the new love she’s found will be lost . . .

According to the reviews and the critics, this is Jojo Moyes’ best book yet, so I really cannot wait to dive in and savour this one! 

The book readalong is really simple to join in with, you just need to get yourself a copy of the book and read it at some during October. Let us know that you’re joining in by dropping by the Facebook group to chat about it, or tweet or Instagram your book with the hashtags #BringBackPaper #BookReadalong. If you’re not on social media, then it matters not, you can join in and not tell the world what you’re up to!

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If you are looking to read with us and join in with the #bringbackpaper readalong, we’d love to talk books with you, so go grab yourself a copy of The Giver of Stars and get reading! You are always very welcome in the Bring Back Paper Facebook group to come and chat about it (and all other papery things) and I will get a new book chat thread started there shortly ready for us to share our thoughts on this one.

What do you say, are you looking forward to this one? 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

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