The Phone Box at the Edge of the World

Book Readalong September 2021

It’s a day where we talk books and reading, as I introduce next month’s book readalong, always one of my absolute favourite #BringBackPaper activities! 

If you’ve yet to join in with one of these readalongs, let me tell you a little more about it and tempt you to join us.

The book readalong is an easy activity to get involved with as it’s like an online book club. I will always share the book here, usually a week or so before the month that we will be reading it in, to give you time to get your copy.  Then the #BringBackPaper online book club is open to absolutely everyone, so do feel free to come and readalong with us. 

The book readalong is a great way to read something that you might not have picked up yourself, and I try to change up the genres from month to month to keep things interesting. 

I have chosen a new book for September for us. It has quite a unique premise, and the title and blurb drew me straight in. The reviews look great and I am also looking forward to reading a book set in Japan, as I haven’t read many books set there before. 

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September Book Readalong

So onto September’s book to readalong with and it’s this, The Phone Box at the Edge of the World by Laura Imai Messina

The Phone Box at the Edge of the World


A little about this month’s book read-along:

We all have something to tell those we have lost . . .

On a windy hill in Japan, in a garden overlooking the sea stands a disused phone box. For years, people have travelled to visit the phone box, to pick up the receiver and speak into the wind: to pass their messages to loved ones no longer with us.

When Yui loses her mother and daughter in the tsunami, she is plunged into despair and wonders how she will ever carry on. One day she hears of the phone box, and decides to make her own pilgrimage there, to speak once more to the people she loved the most. But when you have lost everything, the right words can be the hardest thing to find . . .

Then she meets Takeshi, a bereaved husband whose own daughter has stopped talking in the wake of their loss. What happens next will warm your heart, even when it feels as though it is breaking . . .

The book readalong is really simple to join in with, you just need to get yourself a copy of the book and read it at some during September. Let us know that you’re joining in by dropping by the Facebook group to chat about it, or tweet or Instagram your book with the hashtags #BringBackPaper #BookReadalong. If you’re not on social media, then it matters not, you can join in and not tell the world what you’re up to!

The Phone Box at the Edge of the World – Click To Buy

If you are looking to read with us and join in with the #bringbackpaper readalong, we’d love to talk books with you, so go grab yourself a copy of the book and get reading! You are always very welcome in the Bring Back Paper Facebook group to come and chat about it (and all other papery things) and I will get a new book chat thread started there shortly ready for us to share our thoughts on this one.

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What do you say, are you looking forward to this one?  

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

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4 thoughts on “Book Readalong September 2021”

  1. Alison Lissemore

    I downloaded this from BorrowBox last night, I’ve just read a few pages so far. Sounds like a good story line.

  2. I downloaded it while visiting family for the saying goodbye to my mom, and have yet to get started with reading it. I know that downloading it is oxymoronic to bringing back paper, but that’s what happens in the middle of the night in different time zones than you are usually in. That must seem really weird to folks who live in the same country and it’s all in one time zone. Anyway, I am rambling. Thank you for suggesting this one, and I think it will be a good and gentle read for this time.

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