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If you read my post last week introducing the brand new Books and Brew Club, you’ll know that this is mine and my brother’s brand new venture, and we are excited about it! Which means that we want to share that excitement with you by offering up one of the very first Books and Brew Club boxes to one of you! 

Let me share more with you about Books and Brew Club and give one of you the chance to win the giveaway. 

Books and Brew Club is all about delivering some of our favourite things to your door to give you a few moments of calm every month.

Brought to you by The Bookworm (that’s me!) and The Barista (my brother), we are passionate about our books and brews and want to share them with you. 

How It Works:

Pop over to the website and choose your brew, tea or coffee. The brews available will vary every month so do pop by to see the latest offerings. 

Then click through to select your genre of book, choosing from crime, romance, literary or surprise.

Click add to cart and then checkout. That’s it!

If you want to enjoy a little R&R time every month, just before you add to cart you’ll see an option to subscribe, and you’ll save money this way too. 

A Little About Our Books and Brews:

At Books and Brew Club, we source good quality pre-loved books and pair them with the very best flavours of tea and coffee, including 5 servings every time.

Within each box, you will receive a pre-loved book, personally chosen by me, along with your choice of tea or coffee. 

We want our boxes to provide with your much-needed me-time every month, an opportunity for you to slow down and unwind. 

Your me-time is a sustainable choice, as we send pre-loved fiction, along with ethically sourced and packaged brews. You can find out more about this here

Books and Brew Club offers Free Delivery to the UK, and ships internationally with added postage. And check out the 12 Month Challenge!

Competition Time!

Now is your chance to win one of these boxes for yourself and you’ll be able to choose your book genre and brew. To be in with a chance, enter using the rafflecopter below. This competition is open internationally to over 18s, and closes at 12am 14th July 2022. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What do you like about Books and Brew Club?

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112 thoughts on “Books and Brew Club Giveaway”

  1. I like that the books are preloved, I’m a busy believer in reusing as much as we can and avoiding waste.

  2. I love that the books are preloved, and you can choose your genre or get a surprise! I love different teas too so would love to try some new ones!

  3. Naomi Tillotson-Keating

    This sounds great. I love enjoying a book with a hot coffee in hand. Then writing to a pen pal with more hot coffee on hand. ?

  4. Naomi Tillotson-Keating

    This sounds great. I love enjoying a book with a hot coffee in hand. Then writing to a pen pal with more hot coffee on hand. ? coffee and a good book make the world much better.

  5. The fact the books are preloved, the books aren’t just sitting in a bookcase collecting dust or going to landfill instead you are giving someone else the opportunity to read it and discover a new author/genre.

  6. I am an avid reader but tend to stick to the authors I know so this will help me find new authors I may not have considered

  7. I think this is a really great idea and wish much luck. People don’t slow down and read even I don’t. Get off the computer and enjoy some time with a great cup of tea or coffee. Make your brain work and enjoy… Wish you much luck.

  8. Elizabeth Hinds

    It’s just the perfect combination! I love the excitement of getting goodies like this coming through the door 🙂

  9. Tea and books are such a perfect pair..I’m an avid book reader and a massive tea lover, so the Books and Brew Club is perfect for me!

  10. I love that the Books and Brew Club send you a book from your chosen genre each month. I sometimes find it hard to decide which books to buy so it would be great to have someone else choose books for me.

  11. Sounds perfect for me at the moment as life is stressful so some me time is much needed and I love getting lost in a good book with a brew x

  12. I love the idea of ‘Books and a Brew’… what’s not to love about a brew and better than a new book, a preloved book…just think of all of the adventures that that book has been on before it is in your hand!

  13. ‘We discovered that more than 16,000 truckloads of new books are destroyed EVERY YEAR’ OMG! That’s an appalling waste of inspiring, entertaining, educational and precious resources. There are organisations that will accept new and nearly new books for further use but they don’t offer the genius combination of books and brews on a regular basis!
    I wish you every success.

  14. I love this idea of a preloved book being used. I love your taste in books so this would appeal to me a lot. I discovered Kristin Hannah through your read-alongs and now she is one of my favourite authors. Keep up the amazing work!

  15. Wendy Lam-Vechi

    I love how the books are pre-loved but more-so, in this day and age where everything feels chaotic and fast paced I feel we need to give ourselves permission. a reason to sit down and relax with a good book and a hot drink. By subscribing to this I feel like it will give us the reason we need, to let us know it is okay to sit down and take a break and have some ‘me’ time.

  16. I think the idea of giving loved books a new reader who can discover the reason they were pre-loved is an amazing one.

  17. Two of my favourite things! What’s not to love, and it’s a great reminder to take a little me time!

  18. I always spend ages trying to choose a book, so for someone to choose it for me within a genre is great. I also love that they’re are preloved, I think this is such a wonderful idea!!

  19. I find choosing books really difficult, as there are so many options for a great read. It sounds like the perfect solution

  20. Michelle Lewis-Robertson

    I love the idea of preloved books. Also I thi k it’s great that both you and your brother are combining your interests to create such an amazing service

  21. I love that the books are pre-loved. I enjoy a stroll round the charity shops to buy second hand books.

  22. Two of my favourite things wrapped up together like a sweet treat, great idea guys many thanks….

  23. Rebecca Beesley

    What a great concept! Love that it is like getting a bit of me time – what better than a cuppa and a good book!

  24. Well, it’s just the perfect natural pairing of 2 consumer products. I always sit down to read a good book with a tasty brew on the side, coffee in the morning tea after 3pm.

  25. Love that the books are being able to be used by more than one person and there’s nothing I like more than a cuppa and a good read (hate reading on kindles, has to be an actual book!)

  26. Patricia Avery

    What better way to relax than with a book and a brew. A book in one hand and a cuppa (preferably made for me) in the other. My idea of heaven!

  27. As someone just getting back into reading a lot more often this is fantastic, the pre-loved books are a great idea to get the most from them, and every book reader needs that hot drink to accompany a few hours lost in a story.

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