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Now, the Husband would tell you that I don’t need any more books for the foreseeable future. He’s completely wrong, of course. Yes, I have a to-be-read pile of around 20 books at the moment sitting on my shelves, but really that’s only a couple of really good months of reading and then where will I be? I like to have plenty to choose from every time that I finish a book, a mini-library to select from, if you will. Every bookworm knows that you can literally never have too many books and that it doesn’t matter how high your TBR pile is, you are still completely justified in buying more. It’s a bookish fact of life.

I have several regular go-to shops when I’m buying books, one of which is The Works. I love having a good old mooch around in there, and I actually managed one of their stores way back when, so my loyalty to them lingers on. These are the books that are currently catching my eye there, a good selection of fictional titles to dive right into. I like to move from one genre to another which each book that I read, typically rotating through chick-lit, horror, thrillers and historical reads, so these are the books I’m adding to my wishlist…

Of these, I adore Lucy Diamond books so it’s a given that I’ll enjoy that one, and Jenny Colgan’s novels are usually a fun read. I’ve also read a few Nora Roberts titles lately and thoroughly enjoyed them so she’s tempted me to try more. I’ve then not read the other authors so I am keen to try them and the plots really appeal to me. My mum loves Patricia Cornwell so I’ve been meaning to try one for some time. Oh, they all look so very tempting and my problem will be trying to choose which one to read first!

Of course, I’m also drawn to the History section there, as a History student, and they always have some great offers on. It allows me to build up my library for reference when I’m completing assignments as well as exploring other time periods that are not included in my course but interest me. At the moment, I’d like to pick up copies of The Scramble for Africa, The Wars of the Roses, The Last Days of Henry VIII and Summer of Blood – I find Dan Jones books so very readable.

I then often find myself drawn to the huge colouring books section that they have there and a new gardening or cookery book can never go amiss. Yes, my book wishlist is ever-growing….

Have you read any of these? What’s topping your books wishlist at the moment?

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