Boo’s Dream Home

When Boo was invited to draw her dream home, though she’s very talented at her crafting and drawing, she is only 4, and I wasn’t sure she could quite grasp it. I mentioned it to her, and she said she wanted to do it, and that she had ideas. OK, let’s go for it then, as I was intrigued to see what she’d come up with.

And so the box of goodies arrived…

Draw your Dream Home

Boo was excited! We popped Little Man down for his nap (he’s a craft fanatic, too, but he may have got in Boo’s way a little!), and she told me exactly what her dream home would be like. I helped her draw some of it to get her started, and then she took over…

Boo drawing her dream home

She drew it all out as she wanted it, and then went to town with the crafting supplies, rolling up tissue paper, adding pom poms and of course, glitter, lots of glitter! So I present to you, Boo’s Dream Home….

Boo's dream home

I love it! Let me talk you through it. She was very clear that she’d want it to be in the forest, and liked the idea of it being shaped like a fairy’s house. I popped that mound there for her and a couple of windows, and then it was all her. She added a spider climbing up a drainpipe, extra windows, including her face looking out of one of them, and you see that one at the top left coloured in? That’s Little Man’s room with the blind down as he’s napping. We then have the sun, a flower, a couple of trees and the most sparkly butterfly you’ve ever seen! She then realised that she’d need swings, of course! She drew one in and then worried that her brother wouldn’t be able to go on it, and so she added another one, with a baby seat in it for him. Then she glittered the house – you can never have too much, can you?! And there you have it. The Dream.

I think it’s wonderful that she’s at an age where materialism doesn’t affect her. Maybe in a couple of years it’ll be all about toys, cinema rooms, swimming pools and skate ramps, but for now? Now it’s just about being in the forest with flowers, swings and butterflies…

What would your dream home be like?

Written in collaboration with Principality Building Society.

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