Boo’s Dream Horse

Ever since Boo was around two or three years old, she has loved horses. Ponies, unicorns, zebras, any variation on the equine theme really, though I’d say that her absolute favourites have always been zebras. She used to adore Madagascar when she was a toddler, watching it over and over, and Marty the zebra was her favourite character, so I think this is where it came from.

These days, she also has a love of soft toys. She doesn’t really ask for much, rarely mentioning any toys that she wants, but I can guarantee that the one thing she will always want will be a cuddly toy. As such, she has cuddly zebras, ponies, unicorns and horses galore. So when I invited her to sit down and imagine her very own dream horse and then have a go at creating it, it was no surprise to me that a colourful zebra emerged…

What a bright zebra! I love the long neck, too, giving it a zebra-giraffe hybrid look. I think the thought behind that was simply that she could get so many more colours in it! I enjoyed watching her do this, as she patiently went through pretty much every coloured pen she had, stripe by stripe, she is a sweet-looking zebra.

Once Boo was happy with it, we sent off the design and patiently waited to see whether such a fun dream horse could possibly exist, and it turns out that it can…

This is Za-Za the Zebra, she’s just a baby apparently. Boo now needs to arrange stabling (that would the bottom of her bed), huge supplies of hay and food and then Petplan Equine Horse insurance . She is then all set for a life of responsible pet ownership and plenty of Za-Za cuddles!

Would your little ones enjoy creating their dream horse? What would they come up with?

Disclosure: This post has been possible thanks to Petplan Equine, but all thoughts are my own

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