Boo’s First Sports Day

Bedraggled but happy!
Bedraggled but happy!

Yesterday we were invited along to Boo’s nursery for her first ever sports day. As it was such a momentous occasion, the husband had the day off work so that he could join us. It was non-competitive, and just for the nursery and reception class. We arrived at 2pm, to collect her and take her up to the playground, which was set up with all the best sports, like egg and spoon, sack racing, rolling in tunnels, shooting goals, hula hooping, and so on. It was great to see so many parents there, joining in and having fun with their little ones. Boo loved every moment of it, and as it was such a hot day with very little shade, she was a bedraggled, sweaty little mess by the end of it, but happy :-)!

It felt special as it was our first ‘school’ type event, and it was great for all of us to be there, though Little Man napped his way through most of it. We then returned home to fun in the garden, getting the paddling pool and water play table out – Little Man did NOT nap through that bit, he loved it!

It was a lovely family day, and one that made me really appreciate the decisions we’ve made about me being at home with the children and running a business around them. I’d have missed out on sunny, lazy, garden fun and days like this, of which there’ll be so many more to come and enjoy (and yes, I’m aware that the novelty may well wear off by my 5th or 6th…!).


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6 thoughts on “Boo’s First Sports Day”

    1. It was lovely, thanks. The husband was happy to join us, and it was nice to see quite a few dads there 🙂

  1. We were on no.6’s first sports day this year, so I’ve been to quite a few now over the last 15 years and I’ve never regretted the effort I made for any of them… it’s one thing that doesn’t wear thin 🙂

    1. Wow – you’ve been to a few then?! Lovely you made it to them all & nice to know it doesn’t wear thin, too 🙂 Thanks for reading

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