Boo’s Reading Nook

At the weekend I decided to move Boo’s bedroom around. She’d outgrown some of her toys and so I bundled some up for the charity shop and some up for sale. I moved a few more toys into Little Man’s room, too, and commandeered some shelves she’d had in there for some storage in the kitchen – I’ll be updating on a kitchen makeover soon! Anyway, this all meant I freed up the space that I needed to create Boo a reading nook, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

I used some cushions that my mum had covered for me in material that we’d used for her curtain ties and bunting (all made by my talented mum), and they fit perfectly into the alcove, along with Boo’s little book box. The alcove is right by her window, so that she’ll have plenty of natural light flooding in there are she reads, as I see this being her reading nook for many years to come. Eventually, I’ll add shelves in there, too, but for now, this is all she needs…

reading nook creation

I picked up the canopy in Ikea on our last trip there, and it was in the sale, so I was pleased!

It was so simple to do, but I think it looks great, and Boo now has a snuggly little corner for her reading or just sitting in, as it is cute. SheΒ absolutely loves it!

our reading nook

What do you think?

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71 thoughts on “Boo’s Reading Nook”

  1. We have a little reading nook too- it is in their wardrobe! I love it but I have to make it every time so perhaps I need to consider something more permanent. Particularly as the girls get older. Reading rocks so it is fab to have a special place to do it.

  2. Wow your reading nook looks fantastic. I am dying to make one in Buba’s room soon. It will be great for him and Missy Moo to both read there before bed together once she gets a bit older. This is lovely. Looks like your lil one is oh so proud too! Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me each week, I appreciate your support and blog love so very much. #sharewithme

  3. This is fab! I love canopies but we recently removed the one over Little E’s bed after there was a lot in the news about them falling on children in the night. Putting one over a reading nook is a great idea xx

    1. Oh, really? That is worrying. Yes, use it for a nook instead then, as they shouldn’t be sleeping in there!

  4. I remember growing up in a house where my cousins are always around and is bugging me. Though I enjoy this big family sharing one grand (everything looks big when you are small =P) house I would always yearn for a corner of my own. What I would do is go out every afternoon and go to this school (not mine) and theres a tree there where I read my comics. This corner reminds me of that little tree. #sharewithme

  5. What a great little reading area, I bet she loves it! My little ones love reading and listening to stories and we generally have our story time on the floor in front of their bookshelves, or snuggled in one of the beds, but a reading nook sounds ideal! x Mel

  6. Aw it is adorable! I think the addition of the curtainy thing is just right as it changes a pile of cushions (lovely though they are!) and a box into a special place. Nice job. #Creativechallenge

    1. Oh yes, it’s all about the canopy! A comfy seating area becomes a little more magical with those curtains!

  7. Very smart, that new reading nook! My girls have a little book corner in their room and my eldest love to hide up there on her beanbag chair, to do a bit of clandestine reading. #PoCoLo

  8. Really lovely idea. I love creating little reading areas for my children in our home and finding new ways to display their books and encourage reading. My daughter would love a little nook like this. #PoCoLo

  9. Absolutely lovely and cosy! Little T would love something like that in her room. Maybe when she’s a bit older though and I’ve cleared lots of her old toys too. She will also love the fact that the canopy is pink! #PoCoLo.

  10. Very cute indeed! I’m working out how I’m going to rearrange Potato’s bedroom ready for his new bookcase. I think it might also coincide with him moving into a big boy bed πŸ™

    1. Yes, we’ll need to move Little Man’s room about for his big boy bed, though not for a while, I hope. Boo was great when she moved into hers. Good luck!

  11. Oh what a beautiful little nook! A little place especially for reading is a great way to encourage children to read. This nook even more so because of how cute it is.

  12. This is so lovely, what a great idea. Grace used to have a similar little area at the bottom of her bed in our old house. Now she has her cabin bed with her own reading light which really works well. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo πŸ™‚ x

  13. That’s a great idea and looks really effective, I must say !! I’d have loved something like that. I recently got myself a nice comfy armchair for the same purpose and left the couch for Milo…….but as soon as I decided to sit in my space he had to be right there with me so I gave up in the end and we’re back to sharing the couch and my armchair sits alone…..I’m too bloody soft !!

    1. Thank you. I’d have loved it, too. Ah, bless little Milo! He has you wrapped around his little paw πŸ˜‰

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