Boo’s Top 10 Films

Boo does like her films. Films and books do actually make her stay still for a while (though she has been known to walk, dance, wiggle about the living room while watching films, so there’s no guarantee they’ll make her completely still)! She likes girly films, with fairies and princesses, she likes films that make her giggle and films about animals. Having just turned 4, she’s at that age where she can be quite sensitive to the plot-lines, so all too often, Disney and their penchant for main characters being separated from their parents can upset her. She will still watch most of them, but I need to be aware of the bits that might make her sad so I can be there at that point to reassure her.

She owns plenty, and we have Lovefilm on the TV, too, but I’d say that the following 10 are her favourites (she did help me edit the list, you can be assured!). In no particular order…

10 great films for pre-schoolersShrek


High School Musical



Thomas the Tank Engine: King of the Railway


Charlotte’s Web

Toy Story

Despicable Me

Where the titles have sequels, we’re cheating and meaning all of them, as she will have them!

Which films would make it on to your children’s firm favourites lists? Always on the lookout for new ones here.

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4 thoughts on “Boo’s Top 10 Films”

    1. Ah, yes, excellent choice! We do actually have that, as my brother (big Muppet fan!) bought it for Little Man’s birthday. Boo won’t watch it without him, though, as it’s his, and he’s not a watcher yet!

  1. Shrek, Madagascar & Tinkerbell are sure fire faves in our house too! I’ll have to give the others a run out, we’re always on the lookout for new watching material 😉

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