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Thank you so much for continuing to support my #BringBackPaper campaign. It is for anyone and everyone who loves paper, and you can read more here. You absolutely don’t have to be a blogger to join in, though if you are, you’re more than welcome to blog about any involvement in it! Any and all paper fans welcome! There’s still a give-away on for a Moleskin notebook if you’d like to check that out, too.

We’re 3 weeks in, and this is where we’re at so far:

Campaign Update:

– The book swap is still going strong! There’s still time to join in, as long as you can get books posted this month. Just email me at [email protected] with your postal address and I’ll pair you up. If you’ve yet to post your book, get going! And do share when you receive them. I still need one US/Canada swapper, too, please!

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– I’m receiving some fabulous guest posts, and am still taking bookings, so if you’d like to feature, too, be lovely to have you, just drop me an email. It might be about your own paper love, some crafting, your papery business, a giveaway – whatever you’d like to do, I’m open to ideas.

– I’m continuing to sell My #BringBackPaper stationery goody packs, for £15 with free P&P, for launch month only. So, if you want to be all stocked up with a surprise bundle of stationery sets, note-cards, jotters, just email/tweet me for yours, and order in now if you want one.

Proposed activity for this week: The ‘Papery Peep’ linky is coming next week! Yep, the last Wednesday of every month we’ll have a linky, so the 30th April will be our first for you to pop by and link up your papery photos. Whether it be a shot of some gorgeous letters you’re sending, your book swap, a pile of journals or a book shop you’ve browsed, it’ll all be enjoyed here. You can then add as many or as little words as you like to the post – totally up to you. I’m looking forward to this, so do join in! The #BringBackPaper grab badge is in my sidebar there, so just add it to the bottom of your papery post! If you’re not a blogger, just use the hash tag, along with #PaperyPeep on Instagram or Twitter to join in, too.

So, onto today’s feature. Today we have a guest post from the lovely Aby from You Baby Me Mummy...

Paper love

I am a big fan of all things internet.  I am on most social networks (with varying success!), but I do love good old fashioned paper and all things stationary.  It is so special, given the electronic age we live in, to create something using paper.  I hope my blog provides us with a record of our family life and documents Baby growing up, but I also take time to create other things in ‘hard copy’, mainly keepsakes.  Here is a little insight into our paper world.

My Life Story

my life story

I think this is fabulous!  It was a present for Baby from her Aunty and Uncle.  Basically it is a diary for your whole life, sectioned into seasons.  It included space to add pictures, write about your favourite things/people and provide a snapshot of your life 4 times a year (although you can add to it continuously) forever.  As Baby is, well just a baby, I have to update it for her until she is older.  I hope she will continue it when she can, as it will provide her with a truly unique insight/record of her life.

Birthday book

birthday book

If you are a regular reader you will know that Baby has recently had her first birthday.  I wanted to give her a way of remembering this party, so I created a birthday book for her.  I bought an A5 hardback book from Wilko and I will personalised the front (just haven’t had time yet!).  All our party guests wrote a little message for Baby.  I have added photographs of the day and keepsakes, like her cards, party bag etc.   So all her memories are kept together and it will be easy for her to look back on when she is older.  I will try to do this every year.

Letters to my Baby

letters to my baby

Every six months I write a letter to Baby.  I publish it on my blog, but I also write it out by hand on some lovely paper.  I seal them up to be given to her when she is older.

Keepsake Box & Tags

keepsake box & tags

Baby and I both have a pink hat box that I use to store our keepsakes in.  Every time we go somewhere new on a day out, we buy Baby a little keepsake, usually a keyring.  I then attach luggage tags to everything and write the details on each one (ie. where we went and when).  Also in her keepsake box is the news paper we bought for her on the day she was born and all Baby’s cards (Easter, Christmas etc).  In mine is special items of clothes that I am keeping and my first Mother’s Day card.
I hope you enjoyed a little visit to our paper world.

Thank you so much, Aby! I definitely enjoyed a little visit to your papery world! I love seeing what other people get up to, and it looks like you’re building so many treasured moments and memories up with your paper. That My Life Story looks great, not seen that before. And I write to my kids for their birthdays, which I’m hoping they;ll appreciate when they’re older.

Hope you enjoyed reading, too? You can find Aby over on Twitter here if you’d like to chat, too.

And remember to stop by next Wednesday for more #BringBackPaper and a fabulous giveaway, get ready to join in with the Papery Peep linky, and in the meantime, you can share any papery activities and appreciation over on social media with us all. Thanks!

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17 thoughts on “Bring Back Paper! Aby’s Paper Love”

  1. Love this weeks guest post Jocelyn!
    Aby what fab ways to recorded your daughters life. I’m sure she’s going to be a paper lover of the next generation.

  2. What a lovely guest post! Such a lovely way to record baby’s life using stationary. Also thank you for the mention 🙂

  3. I do love all those keepsakes-I have to admit that it’s my mum who does all of this for my two (thank goodness). My attempts at recording things are strictly digital for the most part!

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