The Bring Back Paper Gift Box – I Need Your Help!

I have had an idea for a while now to offer a Bring Back Paper Gift Box. It does sound like a box I’d be very happy to receive, and I know from some of your comments that I am not alone.

So I have started to outline a few plans for this, and whilst it is in the early stages I would like to take the opportunity to do a little market research with you before I get any further.

The Bring Back Paper box would be an indulgent box for paper lovers, a package of delights to enjoy opening and treat yourself to. At this stage, I am picturing a one-off box, rather than a regular subscription service, so it would be offered on occasions for a limited time only. I’m thinking of contents along the lines of a mystery book (I am thinking pre-loved as I like to encourage books to be passed on and on, but tell me if you’d rather it be a brand new one), some bookish treats/knickknacks, some stationery delights, and then a foodie treat such as a cake or cuppa, to snuggle down with, book in hand. I am also toying with the idea of enclosing surprise pen pal details in each box, if you like the sound of that?

I have a few other details that I am still mulling over, but that should give you a feel for it. I’d offer the boxes worldwide, though of course I’d have to add postage costs on. The box value would definitely cover the cost, so you would feel you were getting your money’s worth – only right, of course! I would also look to offer Bring Back Paper Club members something a little extra, whether that be a discount, a chance to win theirs free or an extra item included. Again, I am open to your suggestions.

With that introduction, I hope you get a feel for what I am looking to do. It would be wonderful if you could take a few minutes to offer your feedback around this, so I have created the survey below for ease of use, but feel free to comment on this post or contact me directly if you’ve anything you’d like to suggest. Thanks for your time.

Create your own user feedback survey

Thank you so much for sparing a few minutes here, and you can then rest assured that I will be working on it and taking all of your feedback into account. If this is something that you love the sound of, do drop me an email at [email protected] to register your interest and I’ll be sure to email you when the box launches.

Bear with me then, I will update you again as soon as I can!

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15 thoughts on “The Bring Back Paper Gift Box – I Need Your Help!”

  1. Naomi Tillotson-Keating

    great idea. I’d love any of the things you’ve mentioned (I’m a fountain pen user though, so paper has to be ink friendly). I am fairly broke though so I’d only be able to spend up to £20 once in a blue moon.

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  3. I receive a pencil related box 4 times a year…love, love, love it. Only write with pencils. Now I need paper.

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