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Are you interested in getting involved with Bring Back Paper Memberships? If so, you have come to the right place, read on!

Bring Back Paper

Bring Back Paper Memberships

You are all very welcome to join the #BringBackPaper community, it’s such a happy, welcoming and fun place to be! 

Now, I’ll start by saying if you love paper and our BBP community, you are already a member. Thanks for joining in and connecting with likeminded people. 

You have access to blog and YouTube content, access to the Bring Back Paper Facebook group and you are able to join in with the regular activities that I run here on the blog and Instagram, including the monthly book readalong and swaps.

Then over on Patreon, there are more options available to you:

Free Membership 
‘Monthly Challenge + Printables’
‘All The Swaps!’
‘Monthly Happy Mail’
‘Monthly Papery Mail’
‘Monthly Happy Book Mail (UK ONLY)’

The first tier, ‘Monthly Challenge + Printables’ gives you exclusive downloadable writing paper every single month, a monthly download sheet – could be anything from mail tags to mail art to planners to digital products, a monthly inspiration challenge, bonus content, access to an ongoing year-round pen pal sign up and a discount in my Etsy store.

From ‘All The Swaps!’ and up, there are then monthly exclusive activities and swaps and these are a lot of fun! 

These are usually monthly themed swaps and this is about dedicating yourself to a little papery me-time every month. The kind of things we’ve had before are Sticker Stash swaps, Summer Themed swaps, My Hometown swap, Cheer-Up Packages, Secret Santa and more! 

In addition to all of this, there are also options to receive happy mail from me at the other tiers, so there are papery treats for you! Just check out all of the tiers for details and go for the one that appeals to you most. 

You can find out the full details and go for your chosen membership over on my Patreon page now. 


There are 6 types of membership, including the current free option, so hopefully there is something for everyone.

All are monthly memberships and you can edit, upgrade and cancel them at any time. You can also opt for an annual membership and save 10% that way.


Bring Back Paper Membership Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Patreon?

This is the site that I’m using to run the memberships from. It’s a platform that a lot of creators use and it enables me to run monthly memberships as it handles all payments for me and gives me all the tools I need to share content with members, such as polls, attaching printables, running videos, adding blog posts and pictures and sharing info, discounts and offers.

What are the exclusive monthly activities?

These will change every time and I am keen to offer a real variety of things, things I don’t run here. They are usually swaps as that’s what our members enjoy the most, and all are themed. I see the memberships to be all about taking a little ‘me-time’ as so few of us do this. I think committing to a monthly membership is like committing to taking some time out to recharge and get creative regularly.

What’s the writing paper offer?

Every member from ‘Monthly Challenge + Printables’ and up will receive a brand new, exclusive design of digital writing paper monthly. The writing paper will include 4 sheets, 2 lined, 2 blank and as it is a digital PDF, you can download as many copies as you want to use forever more. You’ll never need to buy writing paper again!

There will then be a monthly sheet in addition to the writing paper. This might be mail tags, it might be mail art decor, perhaps a planning sheet, all things papery are possible!

What about the happy mail packages?

Ah yes, these really are fun! 

‘Monthly Happy Mail’ members will all receive happy mail from me every month. It might be a note, a postcard, some fun mail or perhaps a selection of stickers. It’ll be a surprise in your mailbox monthly, personally sent from me to you.

‘Monthly Papery Mail’ will receive a stationery happy mail parcel each month that will include papery and me-time supplies and treats to make you smile and inspire you to relax with paper that month. They tend to include a selection of items such as pens, washi tape, stickers, paper, bookmarks, clips, ephemera and more. 

‘Monthly Happy Book Mail (UK ONLY)’ will receive a little note or a postcard along with a surprise book each month. A great way to read regularly, try new authors and genres, and book post is wonderful post!

Why have you launched paid memberships?

Having run BBP for several years, I want to take it to the next level. I want to run more activities and content. BBP blog and YouTube content, running the Facebook group and monthly activities and book read alongs are all run for free as I’m passionate about encouraging more of these hobbies and habits. These will all continue, but I now want to do more, and memberships will enable me to do more.

Memberships allow me to do so much more for those of you who are also passionate about your papery me-time and to move onto running the kinds of things I’ve mentioned above. The more this grows, the more I can invest in making it bigger and better for everyone, and I do have big plans!

I have then had people interested in buying Bring Back Paper mailings for years, hence I have added the various happy mail package options to the memberships too.

Why should I become a paid member?

Paid memberships are for you if you love your papery hobbies!

This is a way to dedicate some time and effort to your papery pursuits and become members of a community of like-minded people. Themed swaps are with people similarly keen and committed and I am hoping we’ll all have fun learning new stuff along the way too. Together. 

Of course, you also benefit from that store discount, an ongoing pen pal sign up, I’ll throw in exclusive bonus content and giveaways from time to time and you might also love the idea of receiving a papery parcel each month too – who wouldn’t?!

What if I’m not in the UK?

Not a problem! At the moment, only the last tier is UK only, all others are open worldwide and at the moment, the majority of our membership are outside of the UK.

Can I join later on?

Of course! You can join any time, edit your tier choice at any time, cancel at any time. Your account will be debited from the day you join, and from then on, on the 1st of each month. 

What if I just want to go for the free option?

Lovely! Pop over and sign up to our Free memberships and you’ll soon see what we get up to over there. 

If you’ve any more questions, email me here and I’ll be happy to answer them.

I love running our Patreon community. I enjoy designing the printables, arranging the swaps and sending out happy mail every month. Most importantly, I love knowing that you are enjoying relaxing with paper every month. 


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