#BringBackPaper – A Look Back

I started my #BringBackPaper campaign at the start of April this year and I’ve absolutely loved it. It’s all about enjoying and celebrating paper, whether that be snail mail, books or gorgeous stationery, I’ll cover it!

As the end of the year draws ever closer, I thought I’d share some of the most popular posts here for you, in case you missed them…

If you fancy writing letters again, find out more about PostCircle.


Want to know more about Smashbooking? Smashbooking Inspiration.

When writing and journalling becomes a kind of therapy, in What My Pregnancy Journal Means to Me.

Do you take a moment to stop and reflect on the book you’ve just read, before moving on to the next? I didn’t, but I do now I keep a Book Journal.

book journal

And on the subject of reading, How Do You Read Yours?

If you’re looking to 2015, here’s some pretty stationery to help you get organised.

rabbit diary


Next up, there will be a Papery Peep on New Year’s Eve. I plan to share any new papery goodies Boo and I receive for Christmas, so am hoping to peek at lots of other pressie piles, too! Or if #BringBackPaper has inspired you in some way this year, please do go ahead and share that with us and link up. I do love to Peep!

Looking forward to next year, I’d like to continue to share papery guest posts, feature a great range of stationers, run Instagram challenges, book swaps and Papery Peep monthly.

New ideas for the campaign include featuring a regular showcase of favourite products, starting up a new challenge (keep your eyes peeled for details on that one soon!), more papery swaps and quick and simple activities to get involved with. Oh, and if I get enough interest, I’d be happy to have another Twitter party, too, as I did enjoy hosting one of those.

And then it’s over to you. What would you like to see? Any features that you enjoy, anything you’d like to read about or have you got a burning idea you’d like to share? Please do!

Hope you’ve been enjoying this series, too, and here’s to making it bigger and better in 2015.

The Reading Residence

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18 thoughts on “#BringBackPaper – A Look Back”

  1. How inspirational! Just seeing pictures of beautiful stationary simply makes me want to sit down write now and write a letter, but like many I don’t have anyone to send a letter to. I love the postcircle idea and will think about joining. I would love to have some interesting post once in a while!

    Kat x

  2. Phew, for a moment there I thought it was already #PaperyPeep time. It’s great to look back on the year and it’s been a good one for #BringBackPaper – see you New Year’s Eve for the linkup (and no doubt online before that) x

  3. A lovely look back Jocelyn 🙂 I have enjoyed this a lot even if I have been rubbish at joining in I tried with the IG but clearly need a reminder on my phone! I’d love more book swaps although it’s getting harder to part with books so I may need to just buy lots!! Haha I’m excited to hear of the new challenge! I’m sure paperypeep will be heading to new heights next year xxx

    1. Thanks, Hannah. I know what you mean about parting with books, but then I do like receiving the new one! Yes, the challenge will be revealed soon…! xx

  4. Like some of the others commenting, I didn’t join in as much as I would have liked, but I’ve really enjoyed this series. I discovered the gorgeous wares of Fox & Star here and have just ordered the personalised wall planner from Who Ate My Crayons 🙂
    New years resolution is to contribute more and join a snail mail collective like #postcircle.

    Thanks so much Jocelyn for starting and sharing #bringbackpaper!

  5. What a lovely look back on all the wonderful papery-ness. I really must start a book journal one of these days. Looking forward to seeing more papery peeps next year too! 🙂

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