Bristle Blocks – Review

I’ve written recently about how nice it is to see Boo and Little Man starting to play together, now that he’s turned one. They interact (he shouts at her and pulls at her until she gives him what she wants!) and they love to play – what child doesn’t? So I’ve been on the lookout for a toy that would suit both of their ages and allow them both to get stuck into and, hopefully, occupy them together for longer than five minutes.

I came up with Bristle Blocks, from Argos. I figured that Little Man would be just about dexterous enough to enjoy them without them frustrating him or being dangerous if he chooses to nibble on them, and they’d allow Boo to be as creative as she wanted, and get lost in imaginary worlds. Well, this is what I hoped!

This set comes in a plastic case to keep them all tidy (very important!) and has 113 pieces, including lots of different shaped blocks, as well as several animals and characters.


When it arrived, Boo got straight in, while Little Man waited eagerly!


And then they both got stuck in..


I was also surprised to come downstairs the following morning, having fed Little Man, to find Boo playing with it again – she’s normally totally absorbed by CBeebies at this point and it’s a rare thing to see her playing at this early hour – definitely a good sign!


We’ve been playing with it for many days now, and I’m pleased to report that they do enjoy playing with this one together. As you’d expect, it holds Boo’s attention longer than it does Little Man’s, as is the case with anything (other than repeatedly opening and closing the living room door, of course…!), but he does also like to get involved. It’s a very tactile toy, brightly-coloured, and the animals tend to be the things he goes for first.

I’ve been really impressed with it, and am very pleased to have found something that I can see being a firm favourite and ‘stalwart’ of the playroom for years to come!

Written in collaboration with Argos.

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  1. That’s Sticklebrick! I loved it as a kid and managed to score a big box second hand for Half Pint when he was younger. It’s great stuff, so versatile…not sure if we still have Half Pint’s old stuff so I’m so glad Argos is selling it!

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