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My kids know that it’s important to look after their teeth. They visit the dentist regularly and she gives them tips on how best to brush their teeth and impresses upon them the importance of doing so. They leave their appointments happy and keen to do as she’s asked. Then they get home, bedtime rolls around and they moan about having to brush their teeth for two minutes! This is always the battle, the two minutes brush time. Well, it was anyway, fortunately not any more, thanks to Aquafresh’s products and their Brush Time app.

Little Man, at 6 years old, has yet to lose any teeth, much to his annoyance. He does currently have a wobbly one, though, so that Tooth Fairy needs to be on standby! He recently moved from Aquafresh Little Teeth to our normal family toothpaste and hated it. So much so that he would barely brush his teeth as the taste was awful to him, which of course is no good at all. I hadn’t realised that Aquafresh did toothpaste especially designed for children to take you through the next few years, so now that I do, we’re all set. Little Man is now using Aquafresh Big Teeth (for 6-8 year olds) and he’s happy to keep on brushing with it as it tastes OK to him.

Boo, at 9 years old, is now using Aquafresh Advance (for 9-12 year olds). She has a lot of her adult teeth through now, so wants to ensure that she is looking after them properly. It’s an important time in dental care, as the new teeth can take up to three years to fully strengthen. She does take her dental hygiene more seriously than her brother, but even then, she can get bored of brushing for two minutes. Not any more!

We have been using the Aquafresh Brush Time App…

You can register up to four profiles on there, so the kids have their own, along with choosing their own characters. Little Man has Captain Aquafresh and Boo has Milky Nurdle. You can give them accessories (the more you brush, the more you unlock) and change the songs and backgrounds as they dance to their two minute songs. Who knew that something so simple would do the trick?! Neither of them moan about the two minutes brush time any more, in fact they look forward to the songs. Their favourite song is ‘Funky Brush’, and yes, they dance whilst they brush!

Brushing tips and techniques

Children aged 6 and under should be supervised when brushing
Try to avoid letting them drink or eat just before bed time!
Use a toothpaste and toothbrush designed for your child’s age
For children aged 3 years and under, use a small smear of toothpaste
For children over 3 years, use a pea sized amount of toothpaste
Once they have a full set of teeth, brush for 2 minutes, twice a day so that it becomes part of your child’s daily routine
If they have fewer than a full set of teeth, you should brush for a shorter amount of time
Do not let them swallow the toothpaste!
Encourage them to spit out after brushing

And of course, take them for their dental check ups regularly.

The kids have both designed posters sharing some of their brush time tips and favourite characters here for you…

I have been so pleased to have been involved with this campaign as it has made a real and important difference to us. The children are much happier with their new toothpastes and the Brush Time app is a huge hit here. They are now brushing their teeth for the full two minutes twice a day without any battles at all, in fact, they look forward to it. It’s great!

You can find out more over on the Aquafresh website.

How are your kids at brushing their teeth? Would they enjoy the Brush Time app?

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  1. My youngest tried Aquafresh Advance a good few months ago and loves it. Now it’s the only toothpaste she’ll use because it’s especially for her age. She used to hate brushing her teeth, she’s still not a fan but I find myself having to do less nagging now x

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