Building The Kids’ Clothing Hoard

So this one makes me feel both thrifty and extravagant at the same time – something of a paradox.

The current clothing hoard...
The current clothing hoard…

It’s my children’s clothes. My Achilles heel. When I gave up my career, I knew we’d have to make so many cut-backs, so whereas I’d happily pop out and spend £100 topping up my Clinique stash, and then go into Monsoon and Oasis and do the same, these days it’s all about New Life for me. I don’t mind, quite happy with it really. Worth the sacrifice, of course. And actually, having the kids, and probably also as I get older, material things are less important anyway so I’m not bothered (that doesn’t mean that I didn’t get hugely excited when my wonderful in-laws bought the Marc Jacobs Honey for Christmas that I’d been hankering after!). But, where the kids are concerned, I do like to buy. I love seeing them in cute clothes, accessories and footwear.

But, but, I do ensure it’s bargain shopping only. I buy all of their clothes in the sales, for the next size up. They have next size up coats, shoes, trainers, and plenty of clothes. All sale bought. Yes, I know I could save a bundle more if I went to charity shops, eBay, NCT sales etc. but I like to buy new, it’s my treat, so I do it as cheaply as I can.

I do most of it online, and use Kidstart. It means I feel even thriftier, as I’m saving for the kids, while shopping for them! I will also, ALWAYS, check for a voucher code before checking out. Oh, the money I’ve saved doing this!

Where do I shop? Well, if you’re looking for bargains now, I like the M&S outlet shop, Debenhams and  Boden both have  up to 70% clearance sales on and Pumpkin Patch have a ‘nothing over £7’ sale on – I’ve just picked up a winter coat for Boo for next year that was £41, now £7 🙂

What about you? Buy as and when needed or bag bargains?

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23 thoughts on “Building The Kids’ Clothing Hoard”

  1. We are lucky that friends have an only child, boy, and we get practically brand new hand me downs. I generally ask family and friends to buy clothes at some Christmas and birthdays. I bought a fab sweater for A’s birthday next week when I saw it in the sale a couple of weeks ago. I am also lucky I can pass some things down to A from H, though trouser knees never seem to last. Have a mamoth patch sewing effort soon!

  2. We’re exactly the same – though a lot is 2nd hand! but anything new is sales or discount from the same sort of shops. They have a huge storage box for each age (we’re currently up to 7-8 years – even though they are 2 and 4!). We’ve saved hundreds when compared with new prices. Jakobs current selection of jeans were over £150 new when we added it up – we spend £25 in the sales and on ebay. Love the feeling of saving money – and even better when it’s for the kids 🙂

  3. Elaine (Angus'Mum)

    I’m the same as you! There was a lovely cardigan in H&M sale for sooo cheap I bought it in 3 sizes lol!xx

  4. Wow – brilliant bargain on the coat! We have an M&S outlet store in my town which is great for little ad hoc purchases for the boys every now and then. Of course EJ gets a few hand me downs and they both have quite a lot of supermarket clothes – I don’t really care about labels.

  5. I normally buy winter coats the year before as well. I also buy next year’s swimsuit in the post-summer sales. I will go check out the Pumpkin Patch website right now as my stocks are a bit low. Thanks!

  6. Great idea 🙂 One thing you can guarantee is that kids are going to grow, so why not stock up on bigger sizes for bargain prices? It’s just plain common sense right? #ThriftyThursday

  7. I need to be more organised and start doing this, I just tend to buy bits and pieces as and when I see them, genearlly from 2nd hand stores. I want a clothes hoard! Thanks for joining in again with #ThriftyThursday 🙂

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