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I’ve been using a bullet journal since June and I am completely hooked. This isn’t just a pretty item of stationery that I like to use sometimes, this is an essential part of my every day life now. Yes, it’s that serious.

Now, if you’re wondering what I am waffling on about it, I’ll point you in the direction of Getting Started with a Bullet Journal so that you can get a feel for it all, before sharing with you today some rather beautiful places to visit and get your fill of bullet journal inspiration.

Pinterest is a fabulous place to start searching for bullet journal ideas. Type in ‘bullet journal spreads’, ‘bullet journal layouts’, ‘bullet journal ideas’ and you will get your fill! I have a Planner Love board over there to get you started and it is crammed full with ideas and prettiness.

Instagram never fails on BuJo porn. Seriously, the #bulletjournal and #bujo hash tags move fast so check out both of those for some great ideas for spreads and layouts, and I’d recommend following….




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Martha’s Journal

For blogs, I’d suggest visiting Tiny Ray Of Sunshine’s blog and Boho Berry’s.  I am also a part of the Boho Berry Tribe over on Facebook which is well worth a look.

For ideas of what to include in your bullet journal, I recently shared 35 Things to Track in your Bullet Journal which should give you plenty to get started with or to help freshen yours up if you fancy changing it up a little.

Bullet journal’s are so often very pretty. But they are also very practical so please don’t imagine for one moment that they are all about the creativity. Here’s a snap of my October memories spread all set up and ready to go, to give you a feel for how handy coloured pens and washi tape are for brightening up your journal if you’re like me and are somewhat lacking in the artistic department!


Still not started a bullet journal? Really? Well, here’s 8 reasons that I think you should!



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    1. Neither do I, but I find a bit of washi and colour brightens it up! Like you, I’m all about the daily lists and productivity and it makes such a difference x

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