Bullet Journal Spreads For The New Year

I have started a new bullet journal for this year. I don’t always start afresh, but I was nearing the end of my previous journal so January seemed like a good idea to get a new journal out and crack that new spine. For those of you who have yet to give bullet journals a go, or for inspiration for those of you that use them, I thought it would be useful to share my bullet spreads for the New Year here. 

First up then, if you’ve yet to give a bujo a go, do check out getting started with a bullet journal and you will be up and running in no time. 

This all took some thought, because is it just me or is it a big deal starting a new notebook? I hate the idea that I’ll mess it up!

There is something special about writing on that very first page of a blank notebook, even more so for a journal that you will likely use daily. 

I know it will get messy at some stage, probably before this month is out, but I want it to at least start off looking good! 

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This is the journal I have this time, and so far so good. 

I always favour a dot grid notebook for my bullet journal. Are you the same?

Before I started setting up my spreads, I spent some time thinking about what I’d like to include this year, this month. 

I have not been using many collections and spreads recently, my monthly and daily to-dos were enough, with the odd collection thrown in when I needed it. 

For this new journal, I was keen to really think about how I could make it most useful to me, as well as fun to do. 

I came up with these initial spreads:

2022 Cover Page

In 2022, I Want To…

As you can see, this one includes my word of the year, quote of the year and then a few goals.

Highlights 2022

This one will be one that I complete at the end of each month.

It will make me pause and reflect on every month and even in those months where nothing jumps out, I will find something good! 

Books I Loved

This one will be fun to complete.

I have already popped a few book spines on it ready to write on and I will create more as the year goes on. 

I keep a book journal, this one will track those 5* reads, the ones that really stand out.

Films I Loved

Similarly, I want to keep a log of all of those films that I have enjoyed this year. 

January Monthly Page

This one will look similar every year going forward. It’s a simple layout leaving space for tasks, goals, mood and a snail mail tracker. 

Gratitude Log

This is a great practice that I have lapsed recently so I am keen to get back into it.

Each evening, I will jot down something I am grateful for that day, ensuring that I am ending the day on a positive note. 

I will then always use daily to-do task lists, always. It organises my thoughts, ensures I don’t forget things and it gives me a sense of accomplishment to cross things off every day.

In this video, you can see all of the spreads more closely, as I talk through my thinking behind each one too:

What do you think of my new year bullet journal spreads? Have you got some of these in your journal?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

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2 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Spreads For The New Year”

  1. As a minimalist, I’ve resisted the idea of creating collections of books and movies I love in my bullet journal for years, just telling myself they’re unnecessary. But MAN, they’re so cute! ???? And a great reflection of your personality and interests! I think this is the year I’ll start mine! ????

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