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Buying Second Hand Cars – Making Sustainable Choices in 2021

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In today’s tough economic times, when the pandemic has hit us hard, it is only wise to make more justifiable choices in life. Going green is certainly one of those wise decisions. Now here one does think that buying an electric or a hybrid car will be the solution. Well, if you look at the most straightforward metric when it comes to car sustainability then yes, it is the carbon dioxide emission per kilo meter that we are trying to lessen, which a hybrid and electric car will emit much less of as compared to a regular gasoline engine car.

But here is the catch; a 2004 study by Toyota found out that about 28% of the CO2 emissions from a gasoline powered car occur during its manufacturing and transportation to the dealer stage and the remaining occur when the new owner starts driving it.  So, yes while you are opting for a hybrid or electric car thinking that you have done your bit of contributing to the society but in reality, the double engines used in these cars release much more CO2 than a gasoline powered car does during its manufacturing.

If you really want to do your bit for the safety of the environment, then buy a used hybrid or electric car or in general just a used car as the less natural resources we exhaust today, the more our coming generations will have to sustain themselves.

Nissan interior

Also, the economic crunch calls for more savings and less lavish spending. Buying a used car will not only give you the option of driving a better make and model within the same budget but will also result in a lower sales tax and much lower depreciation, as a car’s depreciation is the highest in its initial years.

Additionally, if you go for a car dealership then you also have the option of paying in easy instalments so you don’t have to save up a ton of money before buying your car. Most people fret about getting scammed when buying a pre-loved car, which is understandable. A pro tip is to go for a credible used car dealership in this case. If you live in or near Brighton or Folkestone then KAP Motors is one such car dealership that offers a huge collection of used cars that are all pre-inspected and are only approved to be sold under KAP’s name if they pass their strict criteria. You can buy Nissan used cars with 100% authentic parts from KAP Motors.

At the end of the day, all we can conclude is that preserving the environment as much as we can is the only contribution that we can make to this environment, therefore re-using already used resources is the way forward.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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