Bye Bye, Baby Days…

My baby boy is growing up. He’s nearly 29 months now, a fully-fledged toddler. The baby days are ending. We have potty training on the agenda for this year, though to be honest, I’m in no desperate rush with that one. He starts pre-school this September, two days a week, and I think that will be really good for him, a chance for him to assert a little independence. As he grows, life becomes easier. He communicates very well now, there’s little that he cannot say, and he certainly understands what we say. Whether he accedes to it…well, that’s a different matter! He and Boo play very well together, creating imaginary worlds that they both immerse themselves within, alternating between concentrating on the tale that they’re weaving, and laughing uproariously. Laughter is the soundtrack to my days when I have the two of them about, and what better soundtrack could I ask for?

So, no, I don’t look back longingly at the baby days. I do not get broody when friends have babies, I’m simply very happy for them, as I know the funย that they have in store. I do not envy them the breastfeeding, the weaning, the first words, the first steps. It’s all exciting, but I am looking forward now, content that our family feels complete. But, there is one thing that I will miss, that will indicate that final toll of babyhood, and I’m really not looking forward to it. The nap.

little man napping

Now, I need this naptime, as that’s when I get most of my blog work done. So yes, it’s a handy thing to have! But it’s not simply for that reason that I do not want it to end.

I love the post-nap moments.

When my son wakes from his nap, he calls out for me. He never gets out of bed, he simply sits up and calls for me. When I duly arrive, summoned from whatever task I was furiously attempting to complete before this moment, he grins. He snuggles straight back down and waits for me to get into bed with him. We cuddle, silently. Then as he comes round a little, his mind starts ticking and he either scampers out of bed to bring back a book for me to read to him, or he creates his own story. The other day, the dinosaurs were in my bedroom, then they were in the bathroom, then finally, they breached our defences and were in Little Man’s room. He roared at them to get away, he fed the baby dinosaurs Weetabix to keep them happy, and the big dinosaurs were scared off with a particularly aggressive rendition of the Gigglebiz theme tune. Oh, to get into his mind!

I need these moments. No matter the sort of day I’m having by this point, as soon as I walk into that room and catch sight of that welcoming grin, the stresses recede and it’s all about that precious time. It’s actually one of the few times each day that I don’t have my phone glued to me, either. I always leave it downstairs for this special time, no distractions.

Boo stopped napping at around this age, though she’d been difficult to get off to sleep sometimes for several months before she stopped. Little Man is very happy to go off for his nap every day, never fights it, and always sleeps. I only hope that this is a sign he’ll be having them for a while longer, as I am just not ready to give up our slumber-some cuddles yet.

the ordinary moments




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38 thoughts on “Bye Bye, Baby Days…”

  1. Ahhh the post nap cuddling sounds just wonderful. Long may it last ๐Ÿ™‚ we left potty training till z was 3 and did it in a week ish! In hindsight I could have done it a bit sooner but I just kept delaying the inevitable ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My son would still nap most afternoons given half the chance but he’s at an age where when he does, bang goes the bedtime routine. This then knocks on to mornings etc, etc. If it’s any consolation, we still have snuggle times, just without the nap! xx

  3. I think you’re lucky seeing the end of baby days at 29 months as we’re already seeing the end of them at 20 months! I’m hoping Little Man will stay a baby for just a bit longer and like you I get happy for pregnant friends but don’t want any more myself x

  4. my youngest is 27months now and i am fully with you on this post. anyone can understand him now, he’s started preschool 1 afternoon a week, some days he doesn’t nap and he was potty trained over christmas. my baby is gone and i am not having anymore (my others are 5 and 7). however in his place is a funny, clever, independant and troublesome toddler ready for his next life adventure. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It is lovely to see the little person emerging from the baby days, and there’s not much I want back from those times, but I do love these nap snuggles! x

    1. Oh no, I am sorry! I’m waiting for naps to end before that dummy moment. You’ll still get tired snuggles, I’m sure xx

  5. Oh those post nap cuddles sound amazing – as does a regular nap! My eldest dropped her naps at 2, and her sister seems headed in the same direction!

  6. Oh I so remember these days of napping & the wake up cuddles. True glorious and special moments. Our morning &evening cuddles and book reading has extended to make up for the lost post nap time. Thnx for the lovely memory & good luck with the potty training!

    1. I love my other cuddles with Boo, too, but they’re just not post nap-time! Thank you, I will no doubt need it! X

  7. Hi Jocelyn, I hope that your special moments with your Little Man continue for a while longer, but when they do finally come to an end I am sure there will be more special moments that will take their place, they may not be the same, but they’ll be just as special.

    A lovely post and thank you for giving us a peep into your special moments.

  8. Oh I can completely and utterly resonate with this post as we are currently going through the same thing. Would you believe my eldest daughter turned four in December and she still naps? And my youngest, at 23 months does too- they nap at the same time and it’s my time to get work done. Obviously my eldest will be going to school soon and so we need to start winding it down but I just relish it- she only naps for an hour now where as her little sister will nap for almost three, but it’s just a little bit of calm time for me in the throes of a busy day. Plus like you, when they wake up we have the most amazing snuggles. x

    1. Oh wow, you have got good little nappers there! An hour and a half, two on a good day, are fab here, and I so love those waking moments ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope yours nap for a while longer yet, and it’s ages until school still, so enjoy x

    1. Ha ha – yep, I was like that when my daughter stopped, slap bang in the middle of my all-day morning sickness period, too!

    1. Oh, you have great nappers! I’m hoping Little Man has a few months more in him, I think he does ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  9. I would hope not to long to keep them as babies too. As they get older we get to know them more and more. I love those post nap moments when they smell of sleep and they are so hot and cuddly!

  10. I just love going into their rooms when they wake from their nap to see their little smiley faces. I’m waiting for the day when I’m not broody – I’m just not there yet!

  11. Aww, so sweet. I love snuggling with my little one after her nap too. My older daughter, well, can’t say I miss her naps. She’d always wake from them very cranky, lol.

  12. We’re in the final 2 days – TWO DAYS! of our baby days as she turns 2 on Wednesday and started potty training there during the week. So sad but also so exciting for them too! How cute is that shot of your little guy snoozing!! Priceless. x

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