Bye Bye, iPhone

I’ve had an iPhone for as long as I can remember. It was my first smartphone, the old iPhone 3G, and since the day that I held that little beauty in my hands, I was an iPhone convert. A little bit in love with them, to be honest.

iphoneBut now, now things have changed. I sensed the shift when people around me started switching their phones, but not to the next iPhone model, which had always been the case until now. And I sensed their frustration, and felt it, too. I’m fortunate in that my only Apple product is my phone, so I don’t feel too tied into them. Maybe if I had a Macbook and iPad I’d stick with it for an easier life. But my phone has been annoying me, buttons not working, apps and screen freezing, storage filling up, irritations adding up. All pointing for time for a change. The Husband loves his gadgets and was amongst the first of our friends to get an iPhone, way back when. But he moved over to an LG G3 a few months ago and absolutely loves it. Hmm, maybe he’s onto something then.

My upgrade was due over the weekend, and I have been literally counting down the days so that I could be free of my iPhone 5. Not to get my hands on the 6, no, but to make a clean break, Apple no longer having a hold over me. It feels a bit scary, to be honest. And all rather time-consuming, too. I’m used to how iPhone’s operate so each time I’ve upgraded before it’s not taken me long to understand any changes and I’m using my phone again as normal. This time I suspect it’ll take me a fair while longer to adjust. As long as I can get my WP and social media apps on there, and suss the camera out, I should be OK!

I did a fair bit of research, and I’ve got a brand new shiny Sony Xperia Z3 winging it’s way to me now. I read review after review, and this one was looking good. It has a fabulous 20.7 megapixel camera, a real temptation for a blogger and Instagrammer like me. And the big draw? It can get wet! Not that I’m hugely into taking photos underwater or anything, but I am at home with two young kids, and drinks, spillages and dribbles are all real risks to my phone! So it’s coming, I’ve ordered a new case for it, and I am trying to clear some time to actually be able to sit down and figure out how to use it.

So yes, I am waiting. Eagerly. If I go MIA for a day or two, you’ll know I’m still trying to work it all out! In the meantime, bye bye, iPhone…

What phone are you loving at the moment?

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27 thoughts on “Bye Bye, iPhone”

  1. im exactly the same – the 3G was my first smartphone and ive started with the newest iPhone every upgrade but I’m really struggling with mine now with the new charger – it’s just dreadful & they’re breaking every few weeks so it’s massively put me off. I know it’s a silly thing but it really has been a nightmare! I have over a year til upgrade so I’ll see what’s what then but enjoy the new phone x

  2. I’ve been an iPhone user ever since my first smartphone, an iPhone 3. I’ve had a 6 since early December and I have to admit that, despite little niggles, it’s been brilliant so far. I’ve also had Android phones for work – an HTC and then a Samsung Galaxy 4. The HTC was horrible and the Samsung is pretty good but I still prefer the simplicity of iOS, to be honest. Enjoy the new phone, though – compared to what we had even 2 or 3 years ago, all the latest generation phones are fantastic devices!

    1. Oh yes, it’s amazing how quickly technology moves now! I still remember my huge Nokia first phone and then the wonders of text messaging when that came along!

  3. I have adored iphones for years and whenever i was due an upgrade i just went for the new iphone model but last week my iphone 5 died on me for no reason i have taken it to the apple shop who said its the graphics inside the phone that is broke and it can not be fixed and my upgrade is not due until later in the year. I am tempted to get another make now as i have found the iphone 5 pretty rubbish as it always crashes on me xx

    1. Oh yes, mine has messed me about a few times, and always at the worst times, too. Like you, I always got the latest, but no longer! x

  4. I got rid of the iPhone after YEARS of having one to Sony Z2. I LOVE it. Camera is brilliant. And once you get used to how it works it is a fab phone. Best phone decision I made ditching the iPhone.

  5. interesting! I have kinda gone the other way, I was an android user for a long time, then I tried windows phone and I have recently got my first iPhone and I am absolutely in love with it, I’m now a bit of an apple convert! The new Xperia looks pretty awesome though, it’s very exciting getting a new phone to play with, have fun!x

  6. Yes, I’m an Apple fan (took me years to convert, but now we have all Mac products.) Having said all of that, I can totally empathise with your wish for something new. Look forward to seeing it in action 🙂 x

    1. Yes, I think if I had other Apple products, I’d have stuck with it for an easier life! But I do like new 🙂 x

  7. I have an iphone 5c and although the phones ok the camera is rubbish and the screen is not very responsive. I had a macbook for xmas and hated it, it was soon sent back. I will definitely move away from apple for my next phone x

  8. I’m the other way too – I had an iPhone 4 which I loved but it kept running out of space so my last upgrade was to a 6 which I love love love. We’re all Mac; we switched from PC when the last computer died so it’s great to be all synchronised – I’m curious to see how you like your new baby though, it’s amazing what phones can do compared to my very first one!

    1. Oh yes, I have fond memories of my first one, but given that that was 20 years ago, things have changed somewhat!

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