Calke Abbey Gardens

We visited National Trust’s Calke Abbey for the first time last week, and I absolutely fell in love with the gardens there. They went on and on, from rambling pleasure grounds, overgrown and wild, to formal gardens, a kitchen garden, fields, meadows and a grotto. There was so much to see and smell there. The children loved seeing it all and Boo was running about exploring, through the many doorways, which I loved seeing, imagining the winding paths behind them all, so here I am sharing the wonders of the Calke Abbey gardens..

Doorways, there’s something so magical about doorways, hidden and run down..

Calke Abbey gardens doorways

Oh to have wisteria like this. I absolutely adore it, and love to see it in all of its splendour…

Calke Abbey gardens 1

Calke Abbey gardens 9

Calke Abbey gardens 5

Calke Abbey gardens 8

Calke Abbey gardens 11

Calke Abbey gardens 3

Calke Abbey gardens 2

Calke Abbey gardens 10

Calke Abbey gardens 12

Calke Abbey Gardens

Calke Abbey gardens 13

Calke Abbey gardens 6

Calke Abbey gardens 14

calke abbey gardens grotto

Calke Abbey gardens 15

We were out there for a good couple of hours, just meandering around the gardens (well, I meandered, whilst Boo covered miles running about!). It was an exploration and adventure, up winding pathways and through beautifully laid out lawns. Oh, to live at Calke Abbey…

I’ll be sharing more from this visit in a couple of days here, too, so look out for more Calke Abbey!


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42 thoughts on “Calke Abbey Gardens”

    1. Yes, those doorways had me mesmerised – they were everywhere, with ‘secret’ little paths leading off them.

    1. It’s brilliant, isn’t it? One of my favourites so far, I think. Of course – I always think of you when I photograph a tree! x

  1. I absolutely love all those pots filled with geraniums, WOW! The doorways in the old stone walls look like entrances to a secret garden. Beautiful!

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  3. We keep saying we must go back to Calke Abbey again. I haven’t been there in years and yet it is just down the M1 to us and we are National Trust members. Looking forward to your next post on it.

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