Can I Go Back Out Into My Garden Yet?

OK, so I know I can go out there any time I like, but the truth is, I really don’t like to in the winter. It’s soggy, it’s brown, it’s dreary and I know I can’t cut things back and prune them for fear of killing them if we get cold snaps. So it all seems pointless being out there!

But, oh, how I’ve missed it. More so than ever before. I’ve always been a summer person, never happier than when I can pop flip flops on and feel ridiculously hot all day. But this time, I think because I was out doing so much in my garden last year and appreciated every single new shoot and bloom, I’ve felt it all the more keenly.

Then this arrived at the end of last week in the post…

david austin brochure

I love, love, love, my David Austin roses. I have several, and my lovely aunt gave me vouchers for Christmas so I can choose another one. Of course, I’d chosen it by Boxing Day, but didn’t want to order then as it wasn’t a great time to put a new rose in. But now it feels like the time is right, so I’ve ordered The Pilgrim, and I am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival. It will kick-start my time back outside again, and hopefully will coincide with some of the many, many bulbs I’ve planted blooming.

There are frost bitten pots and brown shoots that need cutting back all over the place…

garden march 2015 1

And in the winds we had last week, this happened…

Garden March 2015 017

So that’s that whole structure down, which isn’t a huge problem, though I had a rose and a honeysuckle training across the top of it that I’ll now have to cut right back, so I may not see much from them this summer. Not too sure how we’re going to get it all cleared yet, but I’ve no doubt we will!

But amongst the work that I see needing to be done, I’m also excited to see signs of new life….

march garden

Even just popping out there to take these photos invigorated and enthused me. This must be a sign that it’s time for me to get back into the garden? I’ll be sitting out on my bean bag, basking in the sunshine in no time, right?

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24 thoughts on “Can I Go Back Out Into My Garden Yet?”

  1. Everything about this resonates with me. We moved into a new build in the middle of last summer and I planted a few things. All winter I have been looking through the kitchen window at the brown stems and wondering if I will have to start again. Then on Tuesday, I popped out to have a proper look and,lo and behold,there were green shoots! I was thrilled. I hate the winter to, much prefer flip flops to boots x

  2. Oops I just had a diversion and was peeking at the David Austen roses – I just might have to order too! How depressing for you after the wind aftermath but at least some of the shoots in the garden are trying to cheer you up!

  3. I know what you mean about gardening in the Winter. We only have a small garden in the front so the back is where most of the action happens – but it gets no sun in the Winter so it’s absolutely freezing. I had a good garden session today and am ready to get started properly now! Off to check out David Austin roses!

    1. Jocelyn Reading

      I know once I get back out there, I’ll feel so much better and back into it all again. Enjoy your rose-shopping!

  4. I know what you mean, I am so ready for spring to arrive. Thankfully we are getting glimpses of better weather. The winds must have been really bad, it is a shame that you have lost the honeysuckle and rose. Hope you get out soon x #HDYGG

  5. I SO feel the same! My garden is full of brown that needs to be cleared away with lots of green just peeking through. The threat of frosts is preventing me from getting stuck in. I can’t wait to get out and give the ground a good dig over too and to plant out something new…

  6. Jocelyn Reading

    No, I think we’re going to get a skip and have a bit of a clear-out at the same time. Unexpected, but it gets it done! Oh yes, you must take advantage of that 20% off, on until the end of March, I think. Irresistible to me! Thanks for hosting, lovely to be back x

  7. Lovely to see all those signs of life popping through the soil – it doesn’t take much to tempt us back outside does it?

    Such a shame about your climber support, I bet it will be very satisfying to have a good clear-out though 🙂

  8. I’ve only go out into the garden in winter in order to fill the bird feeders up! I know I must start on the tidy up but everything still seems so muddy and wet. That must have been a big shock when the wind blew your structure down!

  9. I’m itching to get into my new garden and start growing things, I had a lovely time digging up plants to take with us last weekend. I hope it isn’t too hard to repair your wind damage and you can get going with your garden soon x

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