Catch Phrase Review & Giveaway

We have a new game here and we’ve been having fun reviewing it for you. We’ve been playing Catch Phrase from Drumond Park, and I also have a game up for grabs, so do read on…

Catch Phrase

Welcome to the hilarious Catch Phrase board game. With its updated game-play and loads of brand new brain teasers you can enjoy the excitement of the TV game show hosted by Stephen Mulhern.

Each player hosts a round of; Individual, Rapid-Fire and Super Catch Phrase puzzles. There are Bonus Catchphrases to solve and Mr. Chips to hold up the Catch Phrase cards.

To add to the fun, in this version, you all play right to the end of the game and it’s the player with the most money who wins after everyone has taken a turn at being the host.

Catch Phrase Game

The game has several components that need assembling in the box, but rest assured they are easy to do, not in the least bit fiddly and only take a few minutes. I even did ours with the kids bobbing about desperate to play, so that’s how straightforward it is!

After that initial set up, it will always be ready to play for future games as it pops back into the box easily.

If you’ve seen the TV show then you’ll find this simple to explain and play. There are three rounds, and the winner is the person with the most money at the end of the game. My children always enjoy games where money is available to win! There are regular catch phrases that Mr Chips holds up for you, with answers on the reverse, bonus catch phrases in the big square and super catch phrases.

There are 96 double sided regular Catch Phrase cards, 48 single sided super Catch Phrase cards and 15 double sided bonus Catch Phrase cards, so plenty to keep you playing without repeating the same cards. There’s also lots of money!

We all enjoy playing this one. It’s recommended for ages 8 and over, and I’d say that’s spot on. Whilst my five year old grasps what he needs to do, he’s not that familiar with the catch phrases themselves so struggles to come up with the right answers. Though as with the show, some of them are just ‘say what you see’ and he manages it! If you like the programme, then you’re sure to enjoy this game. I can see it being a fun game to play with family after Christmas lunch, with lots of shouting out and laughter.


I now have a Catch Phrase game worth £22.99 (rrp) up for grabs for one lucky winner. To be in with a chance of winning it, enter using the rafflecopter below. The competition is open to UK entrants only and closes at 12am 13th November 2017. Good luck!

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What appeals to you about this game?

Disclosure: We received this game FOC for the purposes of this post

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235 thoughts on “Catch Phrase Review & Giveaway”

  1. I enjoyed the tv show of this. I would like to give it to my best friends children so that we can all play together. Great giveaway thank you.

  2. It’s such a classic! It gets everyone involved and can just imagine Christmas playing it around the able! We love catch phrase!

  3. i loved the TV show so the game just sounds fab!
    its a game you can get out and play with the family to spend quality fun time togethr! 🙂

  4. We love the TV show, so we would all enjoy this. I like the idea that the whole family could play this together and it looks perfect for a Christmas stocking filler.

  5. Great for all the family – a 10 year old is just as likely to get the answer as his gran – perhaps more so!

  6. we love watching Catchphrase on TV even watch the repeats of the old series on Challenge! This game would be great fun especially at xmas! one for all the family

  7. It appeals to me because I LOVE catchphrase, it’s my favourite gameshow ever. I get so excited when a new series of it comes on on ITV, I sit shouting all the answers at the tv ?

  8. As a family we love watching catchphrase the to show so would love to play the game for real. We have family game nights every weekend and I just think this would be great fun.

  9. Big board game fan especially the old Waddingtons ones, play them with my mates and the family. This one looks a good laugh

  10. It appeals to me because I used to watch the show with my parents years ago but also because I can see it being a good one to bring out after Christmas dinner as it will be just as relevant for the kids as it will for their grandparents. If I don’t win I might see if we can get hold of it. I can see it going down well.

  11. This game appeals to me because its a game that can be played over and over, its something me and my friends can sit down with and have a fun night in!

  12. I love catch phrase on TV and I think this is a game I might actually win in our household. Im surrounded by brainiacs 🙂

  13. Looks like great family fun! all 4 of my munchkins love watching catchphrase on tv together. we all sit shouting at the screen haha

  14. I love Catch Phrase! Me and my mum used to sit together and watch it and try guess the answers (I am very good at it, even if I do say so myself haha)! I would love this game so I could play it with my family!

  15. My kids love watching Catchphrase on the TV and it would be great to recreate the show in our own home. This would be a fab family game we could all play together over Christmas. Fingers crossed.

  16. I’ve always loved Catchphrase – its the only game show i’d ever go on! Nice, easy to play game and so much fun!

  17. We love board games, and this has always been one of my favourite game shows! It would be amazing to share this with my family.

  18. This game brings back memories of when I was young and we used to sit around the tv watching catchphrase trying to guess them in teams.

  19. I love the game show, I watched it when I was little and now my children watch it with me – they would love the game!

  20. We always have a competition between us to see who answers the most correct when we watch the tv show, so this would be awesome to play at anytime.

  21. Looks like it would bring loads of fun and laughter to the house over the festive season. Great for all ages. Would love to be your lucky winner

  22. Miss Tracy Hanson

    Love the game show and we always try and beat each other when it’s on. Did once apply to go on but didn’t hear anything back. The board game version looks just as much fun too.

  23. I remember watching this on a weekend at my nans house – so great memories – it is just a fun game for the whole family to play – we often have evenings in the winter where we pick out a board game and play rather than watch the telly

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