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Fun at Dogs Unleashed

Over the weekend we travelled up to Bakewell to Dogs Unleashed. I can’t quite remember how I found out about it, but the shows are billed as “The Ultimutt Doggy Days Out” so I knew that we had to give it a go! It ran over the whole weekend, with camping available onsite, but we …

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Siblings June 2019

As the kids get older, they seem to get closer and closer. There’s no mistaking that Boo is the older child, not simply because she just is, but because of the way that their relationship works. She looks out for her little brother, she likes to take care of him, she sacrifices things to make …

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Siblings December 2018

These two have been so very close over the last month. They have wanted to be with each other all the time and are having happy chats about Christmas. The countdown to Christmas is on and they CANNOT WAIT, apparently! The latest development here is that Little Man is now reading chapter books to himself, and …

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Siblings November 2018

Is it just our household that is seeing excitement levels rising already? Thought not. Christmas is everywhere now, so my two are in the zone. They have a few things going on at school, too, so I can sense that over-excitement lurks just beneath the surface at all times. And if one of them gets …

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Gift Ideas for Tween Girls

My daughter turned 9 years old last month and choosing her presents was something of a challenge. She’s at that age where there aren’t loads of things that she ‘needs’, she already has lots of stuff and she didn’t have many items on her wish-list. It seems that I am not alone in finding it tricky, …

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Happy 9th Birthday, Boo

Today my beautiful daughter is 9 years old. I don’t know why, but ‘9’ just seems so grown up to me. I handled 7 and 8, but 9, 9 just seems too much! Maybe it is because I am seeing those changes in my girl, Boo is definitely growing up and entering into that ‘tween’ …

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