Open University

Revision Tips For Exams

As you may well know, I’m currently in the middle of revising ready for my Open University exam coming up very soon. I’m studying history for this module of my degree, specifically A200 Exploring History: Medieval to Modern 1400-1900. This particular module consists of 6 assignments followed by one exam, hence my revision. I am …

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Papery Peep February 2016

For today’s Papery Peep I thought I’d share with you my Open University study box, as it’s a pretty important bundle of paper in my life at the moment. I study out of a box, on our battered old kitchen table. I find that keeping everything that I need in one place like this makes …

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My Dilemma

I’m thinking and puzzling and pondering and cogitating here. I have still not reached a decision either, which is frustrating. You may have read my post where I was deliberating over recommencing my Open University degree this year, and then my excitable post sharing that I’d decided to go for it, and have registered for …

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