Boo Is 11

Today my girl turns 11 years old. I know, I know, I say it every year, but how is this possible? She was only just toddling around, it was only a few months ago that she started school, surely? And yet here she is, in her final year at primary school, and we’re about to …

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Little Man is 8!

How can this be? How can my baby boy already be turning 8? Yes, Little Man is 8 years old today, and he is really not so little any more! This is a big week in our house, as the kids are back at school for the first time since March and we are celebrating …

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Siblings August 2020

Another month, another siblings update. Here we are in mid-August and it seems strange to think that I’ve had these two as my constant companions for almost five months now and only have a couple of more weeks with them around all day, if all goes well with schools reopening. Whilst I’m looking forward to …

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Siblings July 2020

And here we are again, another month, another siblings update. Still pretty much in lockdown, though it’s been easing all around us in recent weeks. The kids are still home with me every day, as neither of them are in the school years that have been invited back into school. We’re pretty much still staying …

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Siblings June 2020

Another month has rolled round, and the kids are still spending all day, every day with one another. There’s no doubt that they miss their friends, they want to be with them. But, they are keeping each other company, playing happily together every day and supporting each other with their school work. It’s weird how …

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Siblings May 2020

It’s time for another Siblings update, and of course, it’s another lock-down edition. You would think that having to spend this much time with each other would cause a lot of friction, but not so apparently. I mean, I would love to have some space of my own and some solitude, but it seems that’s …

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Siblings April 2020

This is our first Siblings lockdown post. Will it be the last? I doubt it. These two have actually been handling lockdown quite well so far, so I’m hoping that continues. The day that the schools closed was sad for them. Little Man was upset about not being able to see his best friend for …

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Siblings March 2020

Having recently spent two weeks at Disney World in very close quarters with one another, these two are super close at the moment. They are spending all of their out of school time together playing and making up their own stories and games. It is all about imaginative play and there is usually lots of …

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Siblings February 2020

You won’t be surprised to learn that the big topic in our house this month has been Disney World. The countdown has been on, and we fly this weekend. It’s interesting to see how differently my two react to a big event coming up. Boo gets higher and higher. She becomes louder, even more energetic …

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Siblings January 2020

The first month of the year and we are settling into it well. Boo and Little Man are back at school and are happy to be there. Whilst I think we would all have rather had another couple of weeks of Christmas, they were content going back on the first day, looking forward to seeing …

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