Siblings February 2020

You won’t be surprised to learn that the big topic in our house this month has been Disney World. The countdown has been on, and we fly this weekend. It’s interesting to see how differently my two react to a big event coming up. Boo gets higher and higher. She becomes louder, even more energetic …

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Siblings January 2020

The first month of the year and we are settling into it well. Boo and Little Man are back at school and are happy to be there. Whilst I think we would all have rather had another couple of weeks of Christmas, they were content going back on the first day, looking forward to seeing …

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Siblings December 2019

Here we are, our last siblings post of 2019. The year has flown by, and as I seem to be getting old, they do go faster every single year! This is the busy month, the month when the kids are the most excited along with being the most tired. They have so much going on …

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Siblings November 2019

You know that these two get along pretty well together. They always have, to be honest, and I do put a lot of that down to Boo’s easygoing temperament and her desire to nurture and look after her brother at all times. But I feel like they are closer than they have ever been lately. …

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Siblings October 2019

How has it been a full month since I last shared a siblings update? The time is flying by, we’re hurtling towards the end of the year. This month we have had Boo’s 10th birthday. She had a lovely time celebrating it and Little Man was suitably enthusiastic as she opened every gift. He didn’t …

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Happy 10th Birthday, Boo

Today my daughter turns 10 years old, the big 10! I can’t quite believe that we are in double figures already. Boo seems to be growing so quickly. As a baby, Boo was always on the go, she wasn’t one for slowing down and napping. She wanted to discover everything and when she could talk, …

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Siblings August 2019

We are now into the full swing of the summer holidays, which means that Boo and Little Man are as thick as thieves. Their days revolve around playing with one another, giggling together and lying around all limbs entangled together. We’ve not been away this break and we don’t plan to. You’d think that would …

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