Siblings November 2018

Is it just our household that is seeing excitement levels rising already? Thought not. Christmas is everywhere now, so my two are in the zone. They have a few things going on at school, too, so I can sense that over-excitement lurks just beneath the surface at all times. And if one of them gets …

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Gift Ideas for Tween Girls

My daughter turned 9 years old last month and choosing her presents was something of a challenge. She’s at that age where there aren’t loads of things that she ‘needs’, she already has lots of stuff and she didn’t have many items on her wish-list. It seems that I am not alone in finding it tricky, …

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Siblings October 2018

I’m not too sure where the last month has gone? Back at school, these two have settled back into the routine, have had lots of parties between them taking up our weekends and we’ve celebrated Boo’s 9th birthday. The time is flying by and we’re hurtling towards the end of the year. I’ve noticed some …

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Happy 9th Birthday, Boo

Today my beautiful daughter is 9 years old. I don’t know why, but ‘9’ just seems so grown up to me. I handled 7 and 8, but 9, 9 just seems too much! Maybe it is because I am seeing those changes in my girl, Boo is definitely growing up and entering into that ‘tween’ …

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Little Man is 6!

How can my baby be turning six years old today? Oh, and in truth ‘Little Man’ is now something of a misnomer. He’s taller than all of his classmates and most of the year above him! Little Man has been counting down the months, weeks and days to today. He has been desperate for his …

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Siblings August 2018

We’re already halfway through the summer holidays, the time is flying by. These two love the summer break. We try to get that balance between having things planned in, places to go, people to see, and then having days where we have nowhere that we need to be. Those are the days that I really …

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The School Reports Are In

We had the kids’ school reports on Friday evening. It was Little Man’s first one, as he’s in Reception, so I was especially looking forward to seeing what his would say, and I always like seeing how Boo’s getting on. My two children couldn’t be more different to one another. They are like chalk and …

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Siblings July 2018

These two have had a busy month. There’s so much going on at school and we’ve had a few fun weekends, too, so I’ve somehow lost the last few weeks as they have flown by. Boo had her first sleepover at school, away from family. She was excited, though a little nervous. Of course I …

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Siblings June 2018

What a month these two have had! They both absolutely adored Disney World, as did we all. They amazed me with how much stamina they had, we saw so much, walked so many miles, stayed out so late, but they managed to keep up. And whilst keeping up, they remained the best of friends. I …

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