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Is It A Mid-Life Crisis?

Is it a mid-life crisis? Mid-life crisis. This is usually the term we use when people go off and start doing things that are perhaps out of character for them or they make some real changes, all around that mid-life age, isn’t it? A crisis.  I am unconvinced it’s a crisis. But perhaps it is …

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The Year Of Live Music

This year is the Year of Live Music in our home. Or more precisely, for myself and my daughter.  I mentioned this in my post a few months ago, The One About Me, My Daughter and One Direction and then in my New Year Thoughts. In that post, I explained how close my daughter and …

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New Year Thoughts

Happy New Year, everyone! How are we all feeling going into 2023? I’m not a fan of New Year and rarely stay up to see it in, but the kids wanted to stay up this year so I did see midnight. And the problem with that is it makes you acutely aware of the New …

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Am I Ready For Christmas?

It’s November, I’m pretty sure that it’s OK to mention Christmas now, isn’t it? The truth is, I am mentally not in November. I feel that I am still back in Paris in August – if only!  The first half term back to school absolutely flew by and now here we are in November, with …

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3 Ways People Try To Cut Corners In Health & Safety And Why You Shouldn’t

This is a collaborative post  It’s the duty of an employer to provide a safe working environment by following the necessary health and safety regulations. Following the correct procedures is the easiest way to ensure your workplace doesn’t pose any unnecessary risks for employees, but cutting corners is still common practice. While taking shortcuts is often …

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From Then Until Now

Today I’d like to go back a little in time. I want to go back to the beginning of this blog and share a little about it with you as I’ve so many new readers now I thought it’d be fun to share. Back in 2009, we welcomed our first child into the world. By …

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