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Goal Setting For 2022

I spent some time last week goal setting for 2022 with a friend. We both thought about what we’d like to do and achieve this year. It was good to do this, to have that moment to really stop and think about it. Honestly and clearly. It enables you to look out at the year …

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A Look Back On 2021

This is 2022. It doesn’t feel completely unlike 2021 so far! However, I am grateful that the children have gone back to school this January.  It feels strange to think back over last year, as the time since the pandemic started all seems to be merging into one. I really have to think and work …

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How Can You Revoke A Will?

This is a collaborative post When a person has made a valid Will, and they wish to cancel it, the law, as stated in section 20 of The Wills Act 1837; a Will can only be invalidated through three methods: marriage or civil partnership, making a new Will or Codicil, or by destruction (tear, burn, …

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Living With Allergies

AD This is a collaborative post Allergies can be very frustrating for the millions of people living with them. People can suffer allergies to thousands of everyday things, from pets to food, and it can be challenging to handle the, sometimes debilitating, symptoms that come with them. Today we want to share with you some …

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