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GPS Tracking for Kids

This is a collaborative post Watching your child grow is an exciting and daunting process! When they get to the age of being able to start venturing out alone, it is important to know that they are safe. However, if you are not keen on providing them with a GPS smartphone, there are some great …

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A Little Catch Up With Me

Mid-April already, huh? I am feeling the passage of time quite keenly today, so I thought I’d share a little catch up with me, sharing what we’ve been up to lately, things on the horizon and a mish-mash of thoughts and feelings.  The children have gone back to school today after the Easter break. They …

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My Little Pick Me Ups

This has been the year of appreciating the simple things in life, hasn’t it? Or put another way, appreciating the things that actually matter. Without being able go to out during our free time, we’ve slowed down. We’ve had time, more than enough time, to work out the things that we’re actually missing and the …

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And Here We Are Again

And here we are again. In a national lockdown.  As we’re in Birmingham, we have been in high tiers and living under restrictions since the first lockdown last March. We don’t really go anywhere and we haven’t been able to meet with friends and family for some time, but the biggest difference with this lockdown …

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Christmas decorations

Ready For Christmas

I think we’re there, I think we’re ready for Christmas.  Gifts have been wrapped, cards have been written, food has been ordered and our house is looking festive. I think we’re all set. We’re watching Christmas films, wearing Christmas jumpers and playing Christmas music, we are all in! I know this year won’t be the …

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A Life Lately Update

Today I just fancy a little ramble. I work from home, we’re in lock-down, there are few people I can ramble to! So I thought I’d share a life lately update with you, just checking in with you all.  Life is at that stage where nothing seems unexpected any more, don’t you think? The word …

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5 Simple Cosmetic Enhancements to Boost Your Confidence and Wellbeing

This is a collaborative post If you are feeling the winter blues after this stressful, uncertain year, why not treat yourself to some cosmetic enhancements? It is so important to look after yourself and treat yourself every once in a while. Here are a few cosmetic enhancements that could boost your confidence and well-being. Teeth …

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