Random Ramblings

Silver Linings

Do you look for these? Are you always on the lookout for a silver lining? There will be one. The trick is actually finding it, and I know this can be hard sometimes.  When it’s hard, you do have to look harder. The silver lining might not be as bright, you might have to really …

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A Life Update

This isn’t a post that I’d expected to be writing, yet here I am. I found out last month that I have breast cancer.  I had surgery last week and I’m now on the road to recovery from that before my treatment begins, which will depend upon the outcome of my surgery. It’s a funny …

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Revolutionizing Hydration: Modern Methods for Optimal Health

This is a collaborative post A person’s well-being hinges greatly on their hydration level, a fact that underscores the paramount importance of this health aspect. However, maintaining optimal hydration can often prove to be more complex than it seems. The traditional approach of drinking ample water daily, though beneficial, has its constraints, paving the way …

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A Night To Remember

Regular readers may know that this year is the Year of Live Music in our home, with plenty of concerts and theatre lined up for us to enjoy this year. Most of it involves myself and my girl going and enjoying some music together, and last week we definitely had a night to remember. Last …

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Heathers At The Alexandra

We were gifted tickets to this performance Last night my daughter and I went along to The Alexandra, Birmingham, to see Heathers. If you’ve not seen this one or heard about it, here’s a little about Heathers…. Greetings and salutations! Welcome to Westerberg High, where popularity is so very a matter of life and death, …

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book and tea

Be Kind

Life does like to throw us all some challenges from time to time, and I think sometimes it can be easy to forget that. We all have challenges, we all have these moments, regardless of what social media might be telling you or what people choose to share. And it is a choice. Some people …

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